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Want to lead a bigger, braver, more meaningful life?

We are at a turning point in history. Our old ideas of a successful life or career no longer fit. Pursuing money at all costs, working all hours, never admitting vulnerability or being our authentic selves has led to a global leadership crisis and record levels of anxiety and depression. We want careers we love, relationships that work and lives that are right for us. It’s time for a different path.

In this game-changing book, top leadership coach Elke Edwards draws on decades of experience to share the 7 transformative skills that enable anyone to build a life that feels as good as it looks.

Because whether you’re a school leaver or a CEO, 15 or 55, you can live an extraordinary life and become an extraordinary leader.

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Praise for

Highly inspiring

“Elke’s message is about values-driven, purposeful leadership that derives from self-knowledge and an ability to create relationships on trust. It’s a highly inspiring, hopeful vision of what leadership can be, but it’s more that that; it is a feet-on-the-ground perspective, rich with good sense and understanding, spoken with passion and authority by someone who knows her subject.”

Jonnie Noakes, Director of Teaching and Learning, Eton College

Honest and poignant

“Extraordinary is an honest, poignant and practical under-the-bonnet look at what makes us tick, how we can live our best life an who we want to be. It helps us have the most important conversation of all, the one we have with ourselves, and encourages each one of us to find our extraordinary, while showing us exactly how to get there. ”

Rachel Johnson, CEO, Pixel

Utterly life changing

“If you’re looking to transform your relationships, your career and your life, this book will provide the foundation to achieving all of that. I found it utter life-changing.”

Mitch Harris, Founder, Pocket Blockbuster

About the author

Elke Edwards is the Founder and Creative Director of the pioneering leadership development company, Ivy House.

Prior to this, Elke founded and ran the multi-award-winning executive development company Blue Sky, working with 40%
FTSE 100 leaders including Virgin, BBC, Barclays, Sky and NatWest. She is a speaker, writer and performance coach,
specialising in transformational leadership and life skills.

Elke’s thought-provoking keynotes bring cutting-edge industry knowledge to schools and organisations.

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The Leadership Hacker Podcast

Elke Edwards was a guest speaker on Steve Rush’s Leadership Hacker podcast recently – listen as they dive into discussing the 7 game-changing skills outlined in Elke’s book.

“If asked to say in one word how this learning has made me feel, I’d say ‘unboxed’. Quite simply, it’s shown me that the barriers which box us in are self-imposed and whilst there might be some measure of comfort in their familiarity, there’s much more joy and impact without them.”

Maryanna Nwosisi, Associate, Slaughter & May

“Elke’s experience, expertise and, above all, her well-founded and wholehearted belief in this kind of human development make devoting time and effort to this rich source of learning, essential.”

Ben Vessey, Headmaster, Canford School

“It is simply brilliant. Humble, honest, accessible, it is packed with pragmatic tools that are truly life-changing. We all need this learning – and the sooner the better.”

Sean Spurgin, DIrector of Leadership and Learning, Blue Sky

“This learning is unique and life-changing. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for having found it – I have grown in confidence, and have real clarity around the skills that matter.”

Ayobami Kuteyi, Senior Manager, Google


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