Do you really know your values?

Most people don’t have a clue.

Which is a bit of a problem because it is our values that anchor us. When we feel uneasy with something it is usually because we are violating a value in some way. When we are feeling fulfilled and purposeful it is usually because we are living a life aligned to our values. So, if we don’t know our values how can we check in and rebalance ourselves?

My advice – spend some time figuring them out, keep them front of mind and refer to them every day. As you do that you will refine them and really home in on what they actually are. Only then will you be able to make decisions from a place of clarity.

Oh, and before you start reeling off a load of generalisations such as honesty, kindness and family, challenge yourself to get real, and go deeper – far deeper. It will pay off in spades.

By Elke Edwards, Ivy House
14th May 2018


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