Preparing for success

If you had the chance to travel around the world for free, but only if you could name all of the European countries, how would you prepare?

Or, if you were told you could win £500,000 by scoring a goal at the World Cup, how would you practice?

Our guess is, for prizes like that, you would put in the effort to make sure you were ready.

But what about in life? How are you preparing for the ‘prizes’ of life? Whether that’s getting your dream job, maintaining loving relationships, buying a property, or singing on a West End stage.

The thing is, we can’t expect to be great at things without preparing and practicing first. If we want to have meaningful relationships, we need to practice having difficult conversations and caring for others. If we want to get a promotion, we need to practice impressing an interviewer, and learn the skills needed for that role.

Elke Edwards, Ivy House founder, says: “Imagine if you were going abseiling and someone said ‘I tell you what, go and have a go. See if you’re any good, and if it works out, we’ll send you on a course.’ That’s what happens with leadership: Have a go, and then we’ll give you some training”.

How can we expect our people to be any good at leadership if we haven’t given them the tools to prepare?

Developing skills is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for success. And, at Ivy House, we believe in skills development starting at the deepest level. By learning the skills of Core Strength, 100% Ownership, Conscious Mind, and Courageous Learner, we teach people to get curious about themselves and about what drives their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. By teaching Intentional Relationships, Proactive Wellbeing, and Human Leadership, we encourage people to deliberately prepare for success – whatever that looks like for them.

By Ivy House London
1st August 2022


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