Pitch perfect

The world is full of bright and determined young people who are ready to make a start in the world. They all want to make their mark and be the next big thing.

So why is it that some will succeed whilst others will end up settling?

The truth is that no matter how brilliant you think you are, if you can’t tell anyone about it in a way that excites and engages them, it means nothing.

So start getting clear about exactly what you’re bringing to the table.

Why should someone listen to you?
What makes you stand out?
Why are you uniquely remarkable?

Then practise saying it. Practise in front of the mirror, in the bath, on the bus. Tell your mum, your brother, your best mate, the guy in the local shop. Practise saying it until you’re blue in the face. Just do it. Start showing up in the world and see how people respond.

By Stephen Wood, Ivy House
30th September 2017


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