Ivy House Foundation Programme

Leadership development

The Ivy House Foundation Programme is an intensive 2-day leadership development programme for people looking to build effective relationships, transform careers and broaden their understanding of their purpose, state of mind and the person they want to be. The programme combines experiential learning, executive-level coaching and peer-to-peer development.

The Ivy House Foundation is for people that don’t want to leave their lives or their leadership development to chance. Start taking 100% ownership for who you are, the life you lead and the impact you have.

Two-day masterclasses

£995 + VAT

Face-to-face workshops

1:1 coaching

The Foundation

Who should take this course?

Are you at a point where leadership development could have the biggest impact on your career – and life? The Foundation Programme offers world-class personal and professional development, normally reserved for senior executives.

Managers and leaders

Take your leadership brand and skills to the next level.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers

Develop yourself to build your brand and business.


Broaden your self-knowledge and skill set and develop character in your students.

Career changers

Understand yourself better and determine the right path for you.


What will you get?

To become an extraordinary leader you must first know yourself deeply and take 100% ownership for you are, the life you lead and the impact you have. The Foundation Programme begins with you as an individual before developing leadership skills – because you can’t lead others until you can lead yourself.


  • How to live from a position of core strength; understanding what puts you in your element and how to play to your strengths.
  • Pinpointing your personal values and learning how to make values-based decisions.
  • Taking 100% ownership for your life, your behaviour and the impact you have.
  • Understanding your mind and managing thoughts, improving ownership, performance and output.
  • Becoming a courageous learner who fails forward and fails fast, creating genuine environments of feedback, learning and growth for yourself and others.


  • Building genuine relationships, trust and connections.
  • Becoming a skilled communicator, mastering the art of effective conversations.
  • How to become an effective leader and build a powerful leadership brand.
  • Accessing your inner confidence, resilience and looking after your personal wellbeing.
  • Developing your personal presence and learning how to pitch yourself to stand out.
  • Giving and receiving powerful behavioural feedback.

Ivy House has a net promoter score of 95

Course outline

The first step is to complete a readiness assessment to identify the key things you’d like to focus on; it’s absolutely normal for this to change as you progress through the course and discover more about yourself! There will be some pre- and post-work to help you embed, engage and apply your learning throughout the programme and beyond – and with our Alumni events and ongoing content available on The Hub, you’ll have an amazing network of people to support you as you continue to lead an extraordinary life.

Extraordinary Lives

· Taking 100% ownership
· Developing a conscious mind
· Becoming a courageous learner
· The power of feedback
· Determining your driving forces
· Finding your element
· Discovering core values

Extraordinary Leaders

· Intentional relationships
· Building trust and connections
· Effective conversations
· Proactive wellbeing
· Building resilience
· Human leadership
· Personal presence

The Ivy House approach

The Ivy House difference

Learning is about so much more that acquiring knowledge. It’s about change. It’s about feeling safe enough to look deeply into the habits you have created and having the courage to create new ones. It’s about recognising your natural passions and talents and having the drive to develop them even further. It’s about leaving your ego at the door, being prepared to have a go and learn from getting it wrong. Most of all it’s about empowering yourself to be the person you want to be.

Executive level leadership development

The Ivy House team have spent their careers working with senior leaders in business and are experts in what it takes to stand out. We don’t wait until you’re a chief executive; with The Foundation, you can access the kind of life-changing personal and professional development right now – at a time it can make the biggest difference.

First-class 1:1 coaching

Our coaches have spent their careers working at the most senior levels in business and are now working 1:1 with people like you.

Inspiring network

After completing The Foundation, you’ll join The Ivy House Alumni – a community of like-minded talent from every sector. A tribe of people that offer the perfect combination of radical challenge, radical support do you can continue to lead an extraordinary life.

Award-winning content

We have worked in the leadership-development field for over 20 years and won countless awards for our work – we know the Ivy House Programmes are the best we have ever created.

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