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Open Programmes

We run a limited number of open programmes each year, giving individuals and small groups from organisations access to our award-winning leadership development programmes.

These programmes bring together a group of bright, driven future leaders from across a range of organisations, charities and education.

They’re perfect for organisations who are looking for their emerging talent to benefit from building an incredible external network, whilst accessing some of the most transformative personal and professional development around.





7 game-changing skills

Based on the core principle of self-mastery, we offer
your emerging talent a powerful new style of personal and professional development.

Built around 7 transformational leadership and life skills, our programmes develop the behaviours your future leaders need most. We call them the Ivy House 7 and all of our programmes are built around them but the depth with which each is covered will depend on the programme you choose.

Leadership coaching at its best

We’ve seen it before; a list of skills and information is taught to delegates who dutifully write it down in a notebook, only to put that notebook in a draw and never look at it again once the programme is over.

Ivy House programmes couldn’t be more different.

We have assembled an incredible team, comprising leadership and behavioural change specialists and some of the most senior leadership and life coaches in the country, to deliver deeply transformational coaching and development that creates deep-seated change.

Through 1:1, small group and peer-to-peer coaching sessions, we truly delve into leadership development on a deeper level than most people ever experience throughout their career – at a time when it can have the biggest impact.

This is leadership development at its best.

Challenging? Yes. Transformational? Absolutely.

Our programmes

Life Leader

Over 8 weeks – including masterclasses & coaching

Life Leader is our 100% virtual programme, bringing game-changing leadership and life skills development to every part of your organisation.

Created in a way that means it is affordable at scale, flexible and incredibly effective, it provides access to the very best learning, delivered by the most senior leadership and life coaches in the country.

What’s included?

• 4 x 0.5-day virtual workshops
• 2 x group coaching sessions
• Personal pre- and post-work
• Digital content library
• Embedding content

Who it’s for:

• Early-in-career talent
• Post grad programme delegates
• Emerging talent
• Under-represented groups
• First-line team leaders
• Project leads

The Master Programme

Over 6 months – including masterclasses & coaching

The Master Programme is the ultimate programme for your talent.

Run over a 6-month period, The Master Programme brings the very best in personal and professional development to your future leaders in a way that delivers deep-seated change.

Our most in-depth course, this programme will turn your brightest talent into exceptional leaders, who can drive forward your people, your business and results.

We can deliver this 100% virtually if required, and have 2 fully-virtual programmes running in 2022.

What’s included?

• 4 x masterclasses
• Psychometric assessments
• 1:1 executive coaching (4 sessions)
• Virtual coaching groups
• Personal pre- and post-work
• Embedding content

Who it’s for:

• High potentials
• Emerging talent
• Future leaders
• Mid-tier leaders
• Established leaders
• Those in ‘stretch’roles

“I love working with Ivy House, their programmes are superior both in terms of the quality of delivery and impact to the business. Having put a cohort of high-potential females through the leadership programme, every single individual has gone on to assume more senior positions with wider scopes of responsibility. It’s safe to say, we now have some incredible female leaders who are driving our business forward in their own authentic way – and that is due to Ivy House.”

Eleanor Bird, Head of Talent Development, GoCardless

“We have partnered with Ivy House for a couple of years now and they continue to deliver an exceptional service. A number of our colleagues who have been on previous cohorts have gone on to bigger roles and the feedback from their managers was that they were able to see a marked improvement in their leadership qualities. We look forward to continuing to partner with Ivy House in the future to develop our early talent.

Vanessa Broe, Group Senior People Manager, Selfridges

“This is probably the only experience I have ever had that kept its promise of being truly life-changing. It’s been transformational and I wouldn’t want to have missed a second of it. Thank you Ivy House.”

Lina Kehlenbeck, Programme delegate, Sainsbury’s

“The Ivy House Programmes are totally different to anything else on the marketing. They bring the leadership and life skills that are normally reserved for to executive board members, chief execs and financial officers to you at an earlier stage in your career. The programme has totally changed my life!”

Amy Higham, Programme delegate, Marks and Spencer

“This is radical, life-changing learning. Ivy House has had a phenomenal impact on me and I feel like I’ve been fast tracked to success!”

Christian Trent, Programme delegate, Sodexo

“Ivy House has revolutionised my life – I’m moving to a more hopeful life, filled with fantastic opportunities.”

Kate Humphreys, Programme delegate, M&S


We’re proud to have an NPS score of 88, which is exactly the same for both our face-to-face and virtual programmes.


of alumni ‘strongly agree’ that they have developed skills that will impact every part of their lives (the remaining 5% ‘agree’).


‘strongly agree’ that Ivy House has significantly developed their leadership skills (the remaining 10% ‘agree’).


‘strongly agree’ that they now feel more confident as leaders (the remaining 12% ‘agree’).


‘strongly agree’ that the learning will have a lasting impact on them (the remaining 8% ‘agree’).

The Ivy House approach

Developing future leaders

We have worked in the leadership-development field for over 20 years and won countless awards for our work. The Ivy House programmes are the best we’ve ever created, making a profound difference to how your brightest emerging talent lead themselves and others.

Our programmes will develop, engage and retain your high potentials; driving your business forward and developing your leaders of tomorrow.

Turning high potential into high performance

We give your emerging talent the knowledge, skills and confidence to step up; taking ownership over their impact, performance and actively seeking opportunities to learn and develop – driving themselves and your business forward

Talent retention and engagement

How often are your brightest talent walking out of the door?  Our programmes improve talent engagement and retention, creating a tribe of skilled leaders with a renewed level of commitment to your organisation, and a clear plan for their career.

Succession planning and future proofing

Our programmes develop extraordinary leaders.  Leaders who are ready and excited for their next step and leaders with the competence, determination and vision to lead your business now and in the future.

Transformational leadership

At Ivy House we create a special type of leader – the authentic, collaborative, change-ready type; culture carriers who can inspire and lead brilliant teams; leaders that people actually want to follow and pioneers who are equipped to lead us into a brighter tomorrow.


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Are places limited?
Yes. Our performance coaches work with people who are leaders in their field – business leaders, athletes, musicians, artists, designers – so their time is valuable and scarce.
How do I choose the best delegates to attend?
The Ivy House team will work with you through every step of the process to help you select the people who will most benefit from The Programme experience.
Can delegates mix and match the dates?
No. The programme is designed so that delegates work with the same team members throughout. It is important they pick a programme in which they can attend all the dates.
What if delegates need to change the programme they are booked on?
We will do our best to help, but this will be solely dependent on spaces being available on other dates. This needs to be done 3 weeks prior to the start of the programme.
Is there work to do beforehand?
Before each Masterclass, delegates will be asked to complete some pre-work. A process of discovery, it requires both thoughtful reflection and questioning other people who know them well. Our delegates tell us it feels much more like fun than work.
What is a performance coach?
Our delegates’ relationship with a coach is like no other relationship they will ever have. The sole purpose of their coach is to help them achieve exactly what they want in life. They will listen intently, support sensitively and challenge robustly. They will not tell delegates want they want to hear but what they need to hear, and they will do it in a way that works. Throughout the programme, the coaches work with all delegates both individually and in small groups. For the individual sessions they will meet, usually virtually, to address whatever it is the delegate wants to focus on at that time.
Do you have advice for individuals applying for The Ivy House Programme?
Spend some time thinking about what you want from the programme and what you are prepared to put in… then simply be yourself. If you have a particular time that you want to do the programme, get your application form in early. If we think you are ready, we will then schedule a deeper conversation. We want to be sure that the programme is right for you right now, and we want you to be confident in your decision as well.
Are scholarships available & can my organisation contribute?
We believe that access to cutting-edge training programmes should not depend on people’s ability to pay. We have set up our scholarship fund to ensure that exceptional individuals from every background can attend our programmes. Our particular focus is currently on people from education, social impact organisations and the arts. If you would like to apply for a scholarship or would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, we would be delighted to hear from you. Get in touch.