The Professional Apprenticeship programme

Funded through the
Apprenticeship Levy

The Professional Apprenticeship Programme, funded through the apprenticeship levy, is the ultimate programme for emerging talent. It brings executive level development to the future leaders of your business while also maximising your levy funding.

The great news is it’s not just for apprentices! Ivy House have partnered with The Opportunity Group, a registered apprenticeship training provider, to create a programme that not only delivers life-changing development to your emerging talent and future leaders, but is also aligned with the apprenticeship standard.


to maximise
your funding

Who is it for?

Not just for school leavers or new employees, The Master Programme is an intensive twelve-month development solution for a cohort of 50 of your emerging talent:

  • Offboarding graduates progressing through your organisation
  • Project leadership roles who may not have had direct leadership responsibility
  • First and second line managers on a fast track to success or part of your ‘high potential talent population
  • Junior boards

The programme delivers life-changing development to your future leaders in a way that provides both personal and organisational transformation equipping them with the knowledge and skills to become extraordinary leaders and live extraordinary lives.

How does it work?

The Professional Apprenticeship Programme is an intensive twelve-month development solution, with five experiential master classes at its core.

Every delegate is supported with five hours of 1-1 executive coaching, working with senior level coaches, giving them the kind of input they would never typically have at this stage in their career. The masterclasses are supported by a suite of e-learning modules and monthly workplace assessments to track their journey and meet the requirements of the levy.

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What does it look like?

This indepth and comprehensive 12-month journey includes:

  • 5 x 2-day intensive masterclasses
  • 4 x 1-1- exec coaching sessions
  • A suite of e-learning modules
  • Pre and post work learning to maximise the impact of the masterclasses
  • Monthly work-based assessments against the Level 4 ‘Process Leader’ apprenticeship standard

What does the e-learning include?

The masterclasses, coaching and embedding activities are supported by access to a range of e-learning modules. Some of the e-learning is essential to meet the standard whilst others are optional and will be determined by the development journey of the individual. You can find the full suite of e-leanring modules in our brochure.

Do more with less

Affordable talent solution

With organisations increasingly struggling to find affordable talent solutions, The Master Programme brings the very best in personal and professional development to your high potentials, leveraging the levy funding – a fund which until now only 22% of organisations have utilised.

Our programme is mapped against the Level 4 ‘Process Leader’ standard, however the content delivered on the Master Programme far exceeds the standard requirements. This means you are able to offer your emerging talent a world-class executive level development programme, utilising existing levy funding.

Why does it work?

At Ivy House we understand learning and we understand change. We understand how new generations like to take in information and how to create environments that enable them to have a go. Our programmes work because we have thought about every detail:

  • Award-winning content and first-class development: We have worked in the leadership-development field for over 20 years and won countless awards for our work – we know the Ivy House Programmes are the best we have ever created.
  • First-class 1:1 coaching: Our coaches have spent their careers working at the most senior levels in business and are now working 1:1 with your emerging talent.
  • Experts in learning: We know how different generations and personality types learn. Our programmes are built on this expert knowledge, tailoring our delivery in a way that works for each individual.
  • Inspiring network: After completing an Ivy House Programme delegates join the Ivy House Alumni – a community of bright, driven, emerging talent from every sector. A tribe of people that offer the perfect combination of radical challenge, radical support and a renewed level of commitment to organisational success.
  • Conscious embedding: We work with each individual client to help them embed this incredible learning back into their organisation – providing line manager videos, mentoring support packs, learning lunches and, for in-house programmes, a ‘Director’s Cut’.

Key points to consider

  • The minimum cohort size for this programme is 50 delegates
  • All programme material and programme management costs are included
  • Masterclass venue costs and expenses are not covered by the levy funding
  • You can include delegates who do not qualify for the levy funding within your cohort of 50 – a per person cost would be charged directly
  • Whilst the 12-month delegate cost is fully funded there are some initial programme set up costs and can be explored more fully with you once we appreciate your specific needs and wants

Interested? We’d love to explore this further with you.