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At Ivy House, we provide transformational personal and professional development at a time when it is most needed.

The world is changing and we have to better prepare our brightest talent to succeed in the future. That’s why we’re on a mission to change how we develop our future leaders.

We offer emerging talent development programmes that create extraordinary leaders – the kind of leaders people actually want to follow and pioneers who are equipped to lead us all into a better future.

Whether you’re looking to support your brightest students, most talented graduates or emerging leaders, our programmes don’t just nurture your brightest people, they will transform your results and build leaders who have the ability to change the world.

For corporates

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In-House from Ivy House

If you prefer to run the programme internally, we’ll work with you to understand exactly how to meet your needs. This may mean changing the way the masterclasses are delivered, spreading the journey out over a longer period of time or adding job-shadowing and context coaching opportunities. Whatever your preferences, we’ll make sure your emerging leaders benefit from the Ivy House approach in a way that delivers extraordinary results for both your people and your business.

The Ivy House Programme

The external Ivy House Programme brings together high-performing individuals from a range of leading organisations to learn and develop together. It combines a series of intensive two-day masterclasses with 1:1 performance coaching and sessions with senior mentors. It delivers learning that not only adds lasting value to the individual but that rapidly impacts on the wider business.

For Schools

Getting it right from the start

The Ivy House Award

The Ivy House Award brings life-changing personal and professional development to schools. Designed specifically for sixth formers at this critical stage of their life, the Award will give them the clairty and confidence tbey need to step up and lead in all aspects of life – ensuring they thrive in the classroom and beyond.

For everyone

Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders

Keynote talks

Our founder, Elke Edwards, bring the Ivy House mission to life with keynotes tailored to audiences as diverse as senior corporate leaders, teachers, pupils and parents in schools. Her frank and uplifting energy is instrumental in inspiring corporates and schools to think differently about how they develop the next generations to first lead themselves and then others.

“You have the power to change how the world is led. When do you want to start?”

Founder and Creative Director, Ivy House

Ivy House Scholarships

for Everyone

It’s all too obvious right now that our leaders are being drawn from a very small pool. If we want our future leaders to have the diversity needed to create real change, we need to make Ivy House’s world-class learning available to people from a whole range of backgrounds and sectors – people who wouldn’t normally get access to this kind of learning. That’s where our scholarships come in. 

We are always on the lookout for people willing to help fund an Ivy House scholarship – for either our Programme or The Award – and we also want to hear from self-motivated people who want to benefit from a scholarship.

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