Developing leadership
and life skills

At Ivy House, we provide transformational personal and professional development at a time when it is needed most.

The world is changing and we have to better prepare our brightest talent to succeed – now and in the future. That’s why we’re on a mission to change how we develop our emerging talent.

Our programmes create extraordinary leaders – the kind of leaders people actually want to follow and pioneers who are equipped to lead us all into a better future.

Whether you’re looking to support your brightest students, most talented graduates or emerging leaders, our programmes don’t just nurture your brightest people; they will transform your results and build leaders who have the ability to change the world.


For corporates

and personal

Ivy House corporate programmes

Our programmes develop the knowledge and skills critical to ensuring people become extraordinary leaders; the kind of change-ready, collaborative, adaptable leaders that every organisation needs.

Our flagship Master Programme, run over 8 days, is the ultimate programme for emerging talent, which we have also condensed into our 2-day Foundations Programme which gives the critical foundation to become extraordinary leaders.

Funded by the apprenticeship levy

Ivy House have partnered with The Opportunity Group, a registered apprenticeship training provider, to create a programme that not only delivers life-changing development to your emerging talent and future leaders, but is also aligned with the apprenticeship standard.

We’ve put the whole Ivy House Master Programme, our flagship programme for emerging leaders, into a structure that can be 100% funded through the apprenticeship levy.

For individuals

Take ownership of your life

The Foundation Programme

Whether you’re a rising star looking for a career progression, wanting to head in a new direction or simply want to be a better you, The Ivy House Foundation Programme is for people that don’t want to leave their lives or their leadership development to chance.

Run over a 2-day masterclass, you’ll be empowered to become the person you want to be.

For schools

Getting it right from the start

The Ivy House Award

The Ivy House Award brings life-changing personal and professional development to schools. Designed specifically for sixth formers at this critical stage of their life, The Award will give them the clarity and confidence they need to step up and lead in all aspects of life – ensuring they thrive in the classroom and beyond.

For everyone

Inspiring tomorrow’s

Keynote talks

Our founder, Elke Edwards, brings the Ivy House mission to life with keynotes tailored to audiences as diverse as senior corporate leaders, teachers, pupils and parents in schools. Her frank and uplifting energy is instrumental in inspiring corporates and schools to think differently about how they develop the next generations to first lead themselves and then others.

Elke Edwards of Ivy House London

“You have the power to change how the world is led. When do you want to start?”

Elke Edwards
Founder and creative director