Ordinary or extraordinary?

How do you want to be remembered?

I’ve been watching a series on Netflix (as you do) and during one episode, one of the main characters is fretting about being ordinary. She thinks she knows her ‘death day’ and as she gets closer, is trying to achieve the unachievable so she won’t be remembered as ordinary. It got me thinking about what I want to be remembered for… morbid? Just me? I don’t think so. It’s got me reflecting on my life to date and what I want to do with the rest of it, however long it is.

Extraordinary is an ordinary word at Ivy House. Elke even wrote a book about it! I spend every day supporting future leaders to create their extraordinary and here I am, sitting here thinking about whether I have created my own extraordinary life. I admit, I feel a bit hypocritical in this moment.

Sure, I have achieved stuff – my main achievement being a beautiful, independent, happy and settled young man. I have bought and sold homes, lived abroad, worked for myself, worked for great businesses, and have great friendships. I’m a fun aunty, a much-loved daughter, a good friend, a valued employee and colleague, an annoying sister and a great coach (blowing my own trumpet!). I have wisdom, am a peaceful soul and I’m told I bring a balm to the room.

And – I’m not sure any of that is extraordinary.

So here I am, reflecting, and looking again at the vision for my life and how I might want to be for what I see as the next chapter of my life. The chapter where my son starts his life and his extraordinary, where the young people I’m privileged to work with embark on their extraordinary and the people I work with continue to create theirs. I don’t have the answers, and I am open to whatever comes my way… new adventures, continued personal development, maybe even share my story at some point, but mostly getting really comfortable with me.

Ordinary or extraordinary? I realise that’s my own view of me and in this moment, I just realised that THAT thought, makes me extraordinary. I genuinely don’t care whether other people see my life as ordinary, and that’s how I want to be remembered.

Want to discover your extraordinary? Find out more about the book Vicky mentioned below.

By Vicky Gerrish, Ivy House
11th May 2022


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