Future leader challenges
need you to act now

You can’t wait for the perfect plan to develop your emerging leaders, or until the senior leaders are all engaged… you just have to start.


The Ivy House mentor experience

The Ivy House mentors play a fundamental role in the development of the next generation of leaders. Drawing upon their experience and expertise, they provide 1:1 guidance and support to our programme delegates.


The word from Aviva

Ivy House has had the extraordinary pleasure of working with Aviva to develop their emerging leaders both on The Ivy House Programme and through our in house offering.


Ivy House interviews… Eliza Filby, Generations Expert

Eliza is an historian, lecturer and corporate advisor on the evolution of generations and how people’s values and behaviours are changing and the implications for work, politics, consumption, society and economics.


Who are our future leaders?

Developing future leaders is our focus at Ivy House. But who are they? Is there a ‘they ’at all?


The Ivy House
annual lecture

Browse through a selection of photos from the Annual Lecture at the National Portrait Gallery with Eliza Filby.


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