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Virtually ready

When life gives you lemons, get on and do the stuff you were going to do any way, but quicker.

Not the catchiest or coherent proverb but it’s certainly our thinking at Ivy House right now when it comes to delivering our programmes virtually.

We’re not talking about online learning where you simply work through a set of materials and finish with a certificate to add to your portfolio. We’re talking about a virtual way of delivering the game-changing life and leadership skills development, executive-level coaching and personalised training, guidance and ongoing support that Ivy House is known for.

And we’ve done it bloody quickly. All our existing programmes are now available as virtual solutions, either in part or in full, so that organisations can give their emerging talent the critical skills needed right now to get through this extraordinary time. It’s something that we’ve been looking at behind the scenes but in true disruptive style, we’ve been given the starting pistol to accelerate our progress.

The truth is, as every individual, organisation and education provider will be pioneers of a completely different world in the months and years to come. We will all have to continue to adapt, adjust and be brave enough to leave behind the old ways of thinking and doing. More than ever we’re going to need incredible leaders.

To meet this challenge and support these pioneers, we’re working on a suite of brand new, blended, virtual and face-to-face programmes for your emerging talent, graduates and apprentices. Each one can be tailored to respond to the unique needs of your organisation.

Although we’re virtually ready (pun intended) we’d love a conversation with forward-thinking HR, Talent and L&D leaders to share ideas.





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