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The word from Aviva

Ivy House has had the extraordinary pleasure of working with Aviva to develop their emerging leaders both on The Ivy House Programme and through our in house offering. We caught up with Bernadette Bruton, their Global Talent and Organisational Development Director, to hear more about her experience.

An exciting and determined group of emerging leaders at Aviva have come together with other delegates from a diverse range of forward-thinking companies for a transformational development experience.

“When we went out to the market to source a partner for our Emerging Leader Programme the team at Ivy House were streets above the others; they absolutely love what they do, they know intimately the audience they are trying to attract and develop and they brought an energy and a passion into the room that completely separated them from the rest.

Ivy House have built an innovative programme that truly responds to the changing needs of the next generation and future leader landscape, they are a valued partner in our business.”

Aviva engaged Ivy House to deliver their Global Emerging Leader Programme. It’s been an incredible journey. The 100% NPS score says all you need to know about the energy that was in the room.

“When we made the decision to partner with Ivy House for our in-house Global Emerging Leader Programme we were delighted that our Alumni delegates became part of our marketing campaign. They are telling the stories, bringing back their learning and applying it in our world; they are being recognised for the changes and impact they have made. Essentially, we have our own ‘future leader’ ambassadors right across the business – and that’s working really well.”

We also asked Aviva what they thought about The Award for schools and the impact they believe that will have.

“We’ve done a lot of research about the workforce of the future. Overwhelmingly it’s telling us that purpose and a feeling of contribution are core needs of the next generation; developing that in school rather than when you’re 30 at work makes perfect sense.

I believe in what Ivy House are trying to do, driving a depth of self-knowledge and building self-leadership skills in young adults, before they move into the world of work will pay dividends.
Understanding inner traits and connecting with purpose, not just business purpose but their own purpose, will undoubtedly lead to healthier individuals and more successful lives.”





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