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Elke Edwards becomes Number 1 Best Selling Author

It’s not every day you get to call the founder of your business a Number 1 Best Selling Author.

But that’s exactly the accolade given to Elke Edwards, whose first book Extraordinary: How to lead a bigger, braver, more extraordinary life was released on 16th September and immediately climbed to the number one spot on Amazon. Time for some socially-distanced celebrations!

No 1 in top 4 Ivy House

If you can’t tell from the title, the book is about how to build a life that feels as good as it looks. Elke draws on decades of experience to share the 7 transformative skills that once mastered, make a game-changing difference – whether you’re 15 or 55.

Elke shares why she decided to write it: “Many years ago, I got divorced. It was a really tough time because I wasn’t leaving a horrible man or an awful life.

My ex-husband was (is) a good man, we had 2 wonderful children, a successful business and a beautiful home. But somewhere deep inside I knew I wasn’t living my right life.

I just knew it was possible to feel more alive, more engaged, more connected and even more challenged. From somewhere deep inside I was getting a message – “go and do it – create your life – find it – make it happen – it will be fine- it will be amazing – you can do it”. 

So I did. It was tough. Sometimes really tough but it was also the greatest learning journey of my life.

‘Extraordinary’ is the book I wish I had back then. It’s the book I searched for and couldn’t find. It’s the book that shows you how to put your extraordinary life together – not the one laid out for you but the one you were born to live.”

And just a quick peek at the Amazon reviews shows that Extraordinary is already impacting people’s lives.

“Wow, what a book! This book will change your life… whatever you want to achieve or change in your life this book is your key to making it happen! The best thing is once you have it you can go back to whenever you need a bit of direction or help getting clarity to help you achieve an extraordinary life!”

“This book has made such a difference to how I lead my life. It’s packed full of useful learning and stories that have challenged my perspectives, calmed my mind and helped me to understand what is truly important.”

We’re incredibly proud of Elke and it has spurred us all on at Ivy House with our collective mission to change the world – bringing life-changing leadership and life skills at the heart of how we develop every new generation.

Find out more about the book and download your free chapter today.





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