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Transformational leadership: Case study

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Back in 2018, Blair started out on his Ivy House learning journey – one that would ultimately shape the course of his career, propelling him to become a transformational leader at one of the UK’s top schools. 

Even at the time, Blair predicted that this learning would be career changing: 

“It has been one of the most rewarding professional and personal experiences in my career. I know that might sound like extravagant praise. But genuinely: it has been a career changing and enlightening experience.” 

  • Blair, after his first Ivy House masterclass 

Fast forward to today, we caught up with Blair to see if this had been the case (and it’s safe to say that the answer was yes). 

Two years ago, a pivotal opportunity arose for Blair; a job vacancy was advertised in his school to oversee internal assessments. This was largely considered to be one of the most full-on roles in the school besides senior management, and initially, Blair had little interest in applying. But as the application closing date drew closer, he started to think about what it might mean for his personal and professional growth, if he were to take on this challenge. 

Realising that this was an opportunity for huge growth, he took the leap and emailed to say that he would be open to a conversation about it to see if they could make it work. Ultimately, Blair saw the potential within the role; not only in how he could contribute to the school, but also for his own personal and professional development. 

“It might sound strange, but I genuinely saw an opportunity for radical growth if I stepped up and took it on.” 

Using the skills he learnt on his Ivy House programme, Blair pitched himself for the role and committed to further developing the skills that would be necessary for the job. Then, armed with resilience, self-awareness, and determination, he not only took on this new, challenging role – he also inspired a culture of excellence within his school community and amongst his colleagues. 

“I’ve channelled my inner Ivy House and approached it with a relentless focus on finding solutions. When I see a problem I run towards it. I take responsibility, I take ownership and I delegate. I’ve embraced all feedback, seeing every comment – however it is expressed – as an opportunity to grow and develop.” 

It is clear that the impact of Blair’s leadership has been nothing short of transformative. Colleagues and senior leaders alike have applauded his professionalism, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to excellence. His calm and clear thinking has brought clarity in moments of busyness, and his desire to find the best outcome for everyone has resulted in a huge amount of trust in his ability to perform. 

“I’ve constantly looked to the future – asking ‘how can we solve this?’, ‘how could we improve this?’, ‘what could I do better?’ – rather than focusing on the past. I’ve actively sought feedback from colleagues, specifically requesting feedback on how I can keep improving in the role as well as generally how we could improve this area of the school.” 

Reflecting on his journey, Blair attributes much of his success to the foundational teachings of Ivy House. From understanding the power of his thinking, learning how to give and take feedback, and embracing adversity with grace and determination – the programme provided him with the tools to thrive in the face of uncertainty. 

“I really do credit everything I learned through Ivy House for this sort of feedback. The Ivy House programme is genuinely transformational. I’m always keeping an eye out for the re-emergence of any limiting beliefs, seeing any difficulties as merely challenges to be tackled and approaching everything with an unremittingly positive outlook.”

– Blair, delegate

Since then, Blair has been promoted again, taking on the additional role as head of his department. And, even though this means he has more responsibility, he has made it through any stressful moments by thinking “what would Ivy House do!?” 

Stories like Blair’s remind us not only how brilliant our delegates are (and they really are brilliant), but also how having the right mindset and skills can turn any obstacle into an exciting challenge.  

Even from the early days of Ivy House, we always knew that our unique magic would come from our ability to take a fully human approach to development; starting with the individual’s mindset, self-awareness, and courage, then building skills on top of that. That is why all of our programmes are deeply personal, and it is why we get the extraordinary results that we do. 

Blair’s story stands as a testament to this. 

So, as we celebrate Blair’s journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering individuals to lead with purpose and resilience. Our programmes continue to serve as catalysts for change, equipping leaders like Blair with the skills and mindset needed to navigate their own specific challenges and emerge stronger than ever before. 





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