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Reflections of a rhino

I found this organization via the Hello World app while applying for another program. I was so drawn to Ivy House that I didn’t end up finishing the other application to do this. I recorded the videos for the application process, but after I was done and started listening to other people’s videos, I started to doubt myself because I felt that they had said better stuff and had longer videos. When I got the email that I have been accepted, I felt ecstatic, that I had made it out of all those people.

The Ivy House Award has been a journey even though it has just been 5 sessions. It feels more like a family than strangers. I have shared things that some of the closest people don’t know about me. I will always value the advice I have gotten, and we have given each other. The sense of trust and comfort that we give each other is amazing, it’s like we have meet before. What I love the most about the Ivy House Award, in our talks, we are constantly challenging ourselves to look at our life in a different way, with a different lens. That we must say, I will do that instead of saying I think it must or maybe.

We have gone through 5 sessions.

My life – where I got to reflect on different aspects of my life circle and what we can do to change the rating we give each part. Since then, my health and wellbeing has gone from a 6 to an 8.

My element – where  I got to learn of my super-strengths. This lesson has been beneficial because it has given me more future clarity. Passion + strengths = my element.

My learning – I learnt that I should move from self-judge to self-coach. I need to be aware of the negative quacking/chatter that happens in my mind.

My inner rhino –  this has been my favourite session so far. I learnt that I need to take ownership of my life and I have the power to do that. Self -doubt doesn’t help you any way.

My behaviour –  I learnt that event + behaviour = result. In each event of your life, you need to channel your inner rhino and always try and be above the line.

As I reach the end of the first quarter of the Ivy House program, I have seen so much change in my life.

Another thing that I gained from Ivy House – one of the people in my group, during our talks,  introduced to me to an organization that deals with global issues, which is part of my future. I love how, with the lessons I’ve been getting from the sessions, I am now more confident, don’t procrastinate anymore, I don’t self-doubt/self-judge as much as I used to before I started this program. I have been questioning my life a lot that I am taking a lot of ownership for my life. I cannot wait for the sessions to come and to continue to grow with my Ivy House family. I have a rhino on my desk that I got a few years ago. So today as I was reflecting as typing this, I decided to put channel your inner rhino on it.

Ivy House is proud to be working with Rise, a global programme to find extraordinary young people – like Melissa – who can become the leaders our world needs.





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