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Jay Kalama: Case study

Jay joined our programme at a time when he was showing high potential in his role yet held some limiting beliefs about himself that needed to be addressed. Jay brought his full self to the programme and he was not only open to learning and keen to develop but also someone who had overcome significant challenges in his life so far and was ready to overcome some more.

“I was put forward for the IH programme by the Head of D&I. I was looking to learn how I can be better in my current role by adopting new leadership skills whilst interacting and building a bigger network with other leaders who may be on a similar journey to myself. I was presented with a programme and access to a world of learning beyond my wildest dreams.

This was the first time I had been put forward for an external leadership programme. What I noticed immediately was that, compared to an internal development programme, the unique perspectives and talents of a diverse group of people can add incredible value to your own personal learning journey. Another thing that was incredibly different was the detail that the Ivy House coaches went into with you as individuals. No stone was left unturned. All aspects of your life were discussed which left you thinking about yourself, relationships, habits, your job and above everything – your purpose.

My biggest takeaway was realising I’d spent the last four years forgetting my passions. I knew what my strengths were, and it was now time for me to go and find my purpose – to shape my development and future roles to combine both my strengths and my passions, enabling me to work in my element. I am now working for the biggest sport brand on the planet, Nike. I’ve been here for 18 months, working in my current role for the last twelve months. Two promotions in two years has helped me build my confidence to take 100% ownership for the life I want to lead, and leading others to do the same.

Ivy House has had a life-changing impact on me. The programme isn’t about, ‘follow this road and at the end you’ll be successful’, it is all about YOU. How are YOU showing up, what are YOU doing to create the best possible life for YOURSELF, are YOU doing everything YOU can to build YOUR network. They create the space for each of us to understand the life we want to create, recognising that we hold the power to create that future.”

You can hear Jay talk about how he built a career where his strengths and passions combine in a short video he made – and why the path to get there wasn’t straight forward.





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