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Hannah Stenton: Case study

Hannah joined our programme as a high performing and popular colleague; her extroverted and bubbly personality was an immediate highlight when meeting her and she displayed confidence and fun from the outset.

During the morning of the first day, we ran a challenging feedback session where delegates who did not yet know one another were faced with the task of sharing ‘first impressions’ and ‘your impact’ feedback with their peer group. For Hannah this was a particularly stretching experience as she received a considerable amount of feedback that shocked her and that she’d not heard before. Coming from people with no agenda, no knowledge of her and only positive intent, it meant for the first time ever she had to dig deep and truly bring her vulnerability to the group. This is her journey.

“Ivy House has been the most life-changing programme I have every been on. It truly has impacted every part of my life, giving me the drive, ambition and tools to take the next step in my career, and supporting me through a challenging period in my personal life.

The programme creates an amazing environment of openness and trust. I found myself being more honest with the people I’d just met on the programme than I’d ever been with my friends and family. One of the big things I learnt was ‘Self Mastery’, which has really helped across all aspects of my life but, I believe the biggest difference it’s made is helping me to discover my values and make value-based decisions.

So, what are my values? Happiness, thoughtfulness, challenge, trust and energy. Prior to defining my values, I was the biggest ‘yes’ person. I was all about people-pleasing and doing everything to make everyone else happy, at the expense of my own work and wellbeing; my choices now are so much better informed and I’ve even started saying ‘no’ to things which has been really liberating!

Ivy House made me realise if you aren’t 100% happy with any aspect of your life it’s in your power to change it.

Where am I now? Well, knowing my values meant I had the insight to choose a role I love, I come from a marketing, comms and customer background and I now work in finance leading comms, engagement and culture change – and I am making a real difference. I bring massive energy to my role as I really am in my element, it utilises all my skills and my passions but I would have never even considered a role in finance before Ivy House.

I am in such a great place right now personally and professionally and this is all thanks to Ivy House. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, its honestly, totally life-changing.”





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