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Ivy House alumni interview – Edmund Wilkinson

Tell us about what you do

I lead multi-disciplinary project teams at London Underground. The job is really about managing people ā€“ behind every process is a person that has to be engaged to keep things moving forward.

What impact are you looking to make?

To challenge the status quo ā€“ to question and find new ways of doing things. Iā€™m in my element meeting and connecting with new individuals. My aim is to bring people together so they can collaborate, and support each other.

How is Ivy House helping you move forward?

Ivy House helped me understand thinking processes and habits, and what a growth mindset really means. I also learnt skills that were immediately applicable to my professional life. Ivy House is a network of hugely talented people and I have connected with members from a range of sectors.

What did you like best about the programme?

The programme gave space for me to reflect not only on the path I want to take, but also on the person I want to be and how I can become that person.

Any other comments about Ivy House?

It was inspiring to hear the personal stories and aims of some individuals present. The whole atmosphere was one of energy and encouragement.





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