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Ivy House alumni interview – Daniel Johnson

Tell us about what you do

I run an innovation consultancy alongside my business partner. We solve the problems that companies (mostly early stage) face. We have three main areas of focus: validation (turning ideas into profitable companies), growth (scaling startups) and innovation/research (nascence).

What impact are you looking to make?

This is a question that influences every decision I make, and one that I ask myself on a daily basis. I want to look back on life and know I’ve made an impact and added value to the world. I’m still trying to understand what that value is. Short term – it means helping people expand their ideas and achieve their goals. Long term – I’m still figuring that out.

How is Ivy House helping you move forward?

The programme has impacted my decisions in many ways. I’ve been asking myself some big questions and meeting a bunch of successful people with the same questions was incredible.

What did you like best about the programme?

The value of the learning. I left with a lot of questions to ask myself but also skills and processes that I could put into action straight away.

Any other comments about Ivy House?

The people were genuinely enthusiastic and influential. The most welcoming group of people I’ve encountered – a place where I could just be myself.





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