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Ivy House alumni interview – Blandine Oller Perret

Tell us what you do?

I currently work as a Marketing & PR Manager at BP PRIME, a provider of online trading services. Led by a visionary CEO, we are a high-growth company where it is possible to take on responsibilities and be proactive in moving the company forward. Besides running marketing campaigns, I design and code both of which I absolutely love.
Outside work, I am developing the skills I need to realise my goal of being a professional and personal life coach.

What impact are you looking to make?

I wish to support people who feel dissatisfied with where they are and are ready to start work on what their next steps might be. Life is messy and unexpected, and our mind can sometimes be a obstacle – stopping us rather than helping us achieve our purpose. But we all have what it takes to fulfil our potential. Taking a risk to “blossom” takes courage and I want to be a part of this journey for others.

How is Ivy House helping you move forward?

Ivy House brought and continues to bring me new waves of energy and strength. Having incredible professionals share insights that you normally only acquire after years of experience is a gold mine and saves years.
I left ready to start the journey towards my next professional adventure. Ivy House helps you discover what you are really capable of. Whatever your age you can really come to know yourself and go beyond what you thought your limits were.  

What did you like best about the programme?

Ivy House is a strong community where people give open and honest feedback and help you move forward. The programme gave me the reminder I needed to trust my instinct and work hard – but work smartly. Since I was a child, I have always pursued my dreams but the program helped me think differently about what age means. As soon as you have the determination, nothing stands in your way. Coming on The Ivy House Programme you’ll definitely open your eyes to a great new path.





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