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Antonia Moore: Case study

Antonia joined at us at a pivotal point in her career. She was driven, bright and determined but wasn’t sure about what that meant for her future. Having been identified as someone who was passionate with great raw potential, she was sent on The Ivy House Programme as part of the next step in her career.

She joined Ivy House at the perfect time; full of ideas, but unsure where she wanted to go, Antonia’s Ivy House journey was about giving her focus and direction – and developing the skills that would get her there.

“What really struck me was the programme started off with ‘who’ rather than ‘what’. It began with helping me to explore who I am. What are my values? What is important to me? How do I show up? What’s my brand? Then, having understood that it asked me to think about who do I want to be? How do I want to shape my future? What do I want from the world? It helped me see the possibilities and opportunities ahead – and created a space for me to think about what that meant for my future.

From there my experience was that I was then a blank page. It’s almost like coming to Ivy House on the first day of the workshop wiped all the noise away! Then from that place, I could build the skills to help me step up; skills like how to have a great conversation, how to influence, how to build trust. How to have presence, how to be brave and understand what’s holding me back.

What made it exceptional was the opportunity to connect with other people. I was discovering things that were within me, but it was the people around me who helped me to do that. Not just the facilitators and coaches (who were amazing), but also the people who were in the group as well.
Ivy House has given me the confidence to show up as the real me; to be more confident, authentic, accountable and human. I’m no longer afraid to make mistakes, I’m braver and more honest which has had a huge impact on me – leading to a new job and promotion, that I’d never have had the confidence to go for before.

Ivy House helps people to understand their own potential, to maximise their skills and creates a generation of leaders who think differently. Leaders who can look at the bigger picture, value diversity and can admit when things aren’t going right. Organisations can feel really confident that anybody they send on this programme, if they embrace it, will come out with those things, because it’s within all of us – Ivy House just helps to unlock our extraordinary.”

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