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Ivy House alumni interview – Anil Sarda

Tell us about what you do

I am a Consultant with The Economist Intelligence Unit, sister company to The Economist magazine. I help corporations, international organizations, NGOs and governments understand how public policy impacts their bottom line. Through research, analysis and amplification, I help provide organizations with the tools they need to advocate for real change, whether it be on food security, internet inclusiveness or flood mitigation and resilience.

What impact are you looking to make?

Harnessing my experience in international business, marketing and public policy, I want to help provide entrepreneurs in less fortunate areas of the world with the same tools that I’ve been fortunate enough to leverage to learn and grow. To us, these are basic resources – Internet access, access to funding, a strong network of educators and professionals – but to others, these can make all the difference between success and failure.

How is Ivy House helping you move forward?

Rarely do personal and professional development intersect in the training programs available today. Ivy House blends the two seamlessly, forcing you to explore your inner strengths and goals which at times can be uncomfortable but in the end, completely rewarding.

What did you like best about the programme?

Accountability and a network of like-minded individuals. Months after the program, the peers and relationships I’ve formed continue to push each other to make sure we are following up on the goals we laid out in the session. This network is one that is molded within two days but will be lasting due to the strong bonds that are created from sharing personal goals, successes, failures and ambitions.





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