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Transformational leadership development

When thinking about transformational leadership development, there are three questions worth asking:

Globally each year, organisations spend £50 billion on leadership development training… but could you count the number of extraordinary leaders you actually know on one hand?

Can you think of any issues within your organisation or your team that could be solved through better leadership?

And finally, do you believe that more organisations would be able to contribute to the global ‘greater good’ if their leaders at all levels were developed more deeply?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, you are with the majority. So… why then are we taking people down the same path we always have?

Developing brilliant leaders doesn’t happen through skill training alone – it takes genuine behavioural change. And the sad truth is, most people are simply not ready or willing to adjust, or they don’t yet know how to. That is why all of our programmes begin with teaching people how to actually change their behaviour, in order to become extraordinary leaders; of self, others and of business. It is what makes the learning stick, and the programmes genuinely transformational.

Personal and professional development

At Ivy House, we believe in developing the individual first. People only change when something really matters to them. The learning has to support their journey and be anchored to their needs, wants and values. Only then will they be supported enough to explore how they can personally change. It’s this personalisation in our programmes that really ignites both personal and professional change. With this level of engagement we can then go far deeper on the pragmatic professional learning.

The importance of coaching

Our programmes are delivered by the most experienced performance coaches in the country. To facilitate on any of our programmes, coaches undergo a 4-stage recruitment process and a 12-month development programme. This is above and beyond the industry standard. They are a cohesive team, who understand the content and approach deeply and are driven by  delivering transformation for the individual and the organisation. With a coach to delegate ratio of 1:12, this is deeply personal, coach and challenge-led development.

It is this combination of world-class facilitation and coaching, and deeply personal learning, that creates transformational leadership development. Furthermore, we really take the time to understand the issues that our clients are facing, and then use our expertise to create genuine transformation.

Organisational impact of leadership development

Transformational leadership development programmes create a real shift in leadership and management skill, turning technical experts into confident, deeply skilled leaders who can lead high performance teams. We pride ourselves on just that – in fact, 90% of our alumni ‘strongly agree’ that Ivy House has significantly developed their leadership skills (the remaining 10% ‘agree’).

Transformational programmes will also provide a development journey to support your leaders as they progress through the business, thereby increasing engagement and retention of talent. Our alumni demonstrate this, as 42% of them have received a promotion within 12 months of an Ivy House programme.

It is this kind of data that allows HRDs to demonstrate the impact of any learning and development programme – which is why creating a strong measurement framework, that pinpoint the metrics that matter most to you, is essential to create upfront. We will always include this as part of our design & discovery process.

If you are interested in finding our more about what it takes to create transformational leadership development programmes – for both the individual and the organisation, come along to our next event on September 27th ‘The one thing that will make any talent development programme work’.





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