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The 5 top talent development needs of 2019…

A recent Deloitte survey* identified that the No.1 reason people leave their jobs is the ‘inability to learn and grow’. 

The simple truth is if millennial and Gen Z employees don’t feel their organisations are investing in their education, training and development, they’re not going to stay. 

So, we have spoken to the brightest emerging talent from across pretty much every sector, to get their view on their top 5 talent development needs of 2019…

1. “Utilise the many varied opportunities to develop us.”

Reverse mentoring, shadowing, joining associations, keynote speaking opportunities, taking on research projects or being asked to publish articles are all free ways to develop your emerging talent – and they love them! Help them spot these opportunities, give them time to take part and offer support and feedback.

2. “Take our development seriously.”

Millennials and Gen Z place huge value on the growth of their personal brand and ongoing professional development is hugely important to them. However, the odd training day with a junior trainer every 6 months simply won’t cut it. They want access to experts and a clearly structured training and development pathway that will keep them engaged and get them to the top.

3.    “Let us play to our strengths.”

Whilst many businesses say they do this, the consensus amongst emerging talent is that this isn’t happening. Be proactive in understanding your high potentials’ strengths, passions and what puts them in their element and support them in finding work in this space. This might mean giving them more creative freedom within their role, or supporting them in moving to a slightly different position within the organisation – Far better that your talent moves within your business than outside of it.

4.    “Embrace a more relaxed hierarchy.”

With many of your most capable individuals sitting lower down the organisational chain, loosening the hierarchy allows change to be driven by those with the most powerful and relevant ideas, rather than those with the most prestigious titles. This might mean finding opportunities for your HiPos to lead strategy meetings, giving them regular contact with senior leaders or creating feedback forums so they can shape solutions and the direction of the company.

5.    “Give us a voice – make it safe and consistent.”

Our organisations are brimming with bright, capable people who want to make a difference.  In order to ensure they are able to share their voice, we need to set up two things.  Firstly, it needs to be safe to have a bad idea – to be able to brainstorm and explore. Secondly it needs to be safe to challenge the status quo. While many companies claim to be this way, this is far from what emerging talent are currently experiencing.

To read the full findings, download our white paper: ‘Future Leaders: The Research and the Reality’

At Ivy House we offer the kind of life-changing development, usually reserved for a handful of the most senior executives, to your brightest emerging talent. Our programmes build the knowledge and skills to allow your high potentials to thrive; becoming extraordinary leaders and living extraordinary lives.

To find out more about how we can support your emerging talent and future leaders, get in touch today.

*’2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends’ report





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