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Sustainable behavioural change

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the pursuit of change is a constant for organisations aiming to enhance individual and, subsequently, organisational performance. As experts in behavioural change, leadership, and talent development, our approach goes beyond the limitations of traditional programmes, ensuring lasting and transformative change.

The pitfall of pendulum swings in leadership development

A common trap organisations fall into is the pendulum swing — a frenetic approach to leadership development that involves ticking off competencies and expectations on a growing list. From inclusive leadership to strategic mindset, employee mental health and wellbeing, coaching, leading change, and navigating a multi-generational and hybrid workforce, the danger lies in lurching from one skill to the next. This haphazard approach risks leaving leaders feeling burnt out and overwhelmed – and real change is unlikely to happen as a result.

Instead of viewing these skills as checkboxes, we need to integrate them into the fabric of an extraordinary leader’s mindset. This holistic method ensures consistency and sustainability, fostering genuine and impactful behavioural change.

Holistic leadership development

Ivy House focuses on equipping individuals with more than just a checklist of competencies. We delve into the core of personal change, emphasising self-knowledge, self-empowerment, and self-leadership. By addressing the foundational elements, we pave the way for leaders to authentically embody the essential skills necessary for extraordinary leadership.

Our holistic leadership development goes beyond theory, providing practical and pragmatic tools. From building better relationships to conducting coaching conversations, giving effective feedback, running efficient meetings, and creating a culture of high performance, Ivy House ensures leaders are well-equipped for the complexities of the modern business environment.

The organisational impact of behavioural change

Failing to put in place the foundations of behavioural change to any development programme can have wide-ranging consequences for organisations:

Low talent retention rates: Organisations risk losing valuable talent when leaders lack the skills to create an engaging and inclusive work environment.

Ignoring bad managers: A light-touch approach to developing leadership skills may result in ineffective management, contributing to a staggering 79% of employee turnover due to poor leadership.

High cost of employee wellbeing: Poor employee wellbeing can cost organisations between £4,000 to £12,000 per employee, impacting both finances and productivity. We’ll only see a change when employees are fully empowered to take proactive ownership of their wellbeing.

Toxic work cultures and low trust: Without a comprehensive leadership development strategy, organisations may foster toxic work cultures and low levels of trust, hindering overall performance.

Lack of diversity in the leadership pipeline: Inconsistent leadership development may contribute to a lack of diversity in the leadership pipeline, limiting the organisation’s ability to adapt and thrive in a diverse marketplace.

What are the six steps of behavioural change?

To achieve behavioural change, we actually believe there are six principles that all leadership development programmes should follow:

– The content must tell a story
– The programme has to be personal
– People have to want to change
– All teachers are not born equal
– The experience must be immersive and experiential
– The learning must be multi-dimensional and integrated

Sustainable change and lasting impact

Ivy House London is not just a provider of leadership development; we are architects of sustainable change. Our holistic approach ensures that leaders don’t merely acquire skills — they embody them. By understanding the intricacies of behavioural change, implementing the key elements of behaviour change, and following a strategic, step-by-step process, we support organisations seeking genuine, lasting, and transformative leadership development.

Ready to embark on a journey of sustainable change? We can partner with you to create a solution that will create the behavioural change you’re looking for.





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