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Stunning first year in leadership

We think you’ll agree that Louis thoroughly deserves his first nomination for an ACE (Aviva Customer Excellence Award)!

Ivy House Alumni Louis shared the incredible news with us and his coach Danni this week:

“I’ve always really appreciated that you’ve always wanted me to be seen and heard. This has always really meant a lot and I’m forever grateful for all the support and amazing ‘challenging’ coaching you’ve provided over the last 6 months.

Well, It turns out I’ve been seen and heard all along!!

My senior leader Gary has kindly nominated me for an ‘ACE’ (Aviva Customer Excellence) award at our annual Aviva Rewards Ceremony! (Category – ‘Debut’) It’s my first ever nomination in 13 years

I’m very humbled and over the moon and the ELP has helped no end make this happen… Even if I don’t win or make the top 10… the nomination and recognition means a great deal.”

Yep, we’ve all got a lump in our throats right now.

Here’s what Gary had to say in his nomination:

“13 years of service for Louis and up until 12 months ago Louis was a brilliant customer advisor quietly getting on with serving customers, you probably wouldn’t have noticed him…

Last year I asked Louis to attend a Product conference and when he came back he took the time and effort to attend all of our huddles to share what he learnt. Off the back of this he had great feedback on his delivery which inspired him to start to get more involved. Louis started to think and believe he could make a difference –again self-starting he started to coach other team members and the outcomes were positive. This led to Louis taking a short term secondment leading and coaching within Live chat. It became clear Louis was inspiring people based on feedback and changes I could see in the people he was influencing. This was all cool stuff but no different to other good leaders in my team.

So why this nomination I hear you ask…

Enter the Emerging Leaders Programme which Louis was successful in securing a place on. For the record I have heard many a person talk about transformational change but of the back is this course we are talking a change in proportions I have never seen in my 32 year career.

The way Louis has engaged in the ELP content and his passion for bringing it back to the work has been nothing short of inspirational. The conversations he has that challenge thinking has inspired all of those he has coached to a level I have not seen before – the department has coined the phrase ! I have been Louis’ed! i.e. I have had my thinking challenged and I am inspired to be the best I can be!

Stunning first year in leadership!”

Has Louis’ story inspired you?





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