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How to retain your best talent

Holding on to the best talent is essential for future success, but do you really know what they want and, if you do, are you providing it?

An uncertain future requires a radical new approach to developing and retaining talent. And, to do that, you need understand what your talent want, the reality of what they experience in your organisation, and what matters to them. In this essential talk we shared the feedback from our latest research, ‘What talent really want’, giving you the 5 critical factors that underpin an effective talent development strategy enabling you to hold onto your best people.

Here, you can watch the recording of the event and download the slides sharing the annual research results on what talent want.

Download the research

There were some pretty powerful stats shared in this event.

Every year we give emerging talent a magic wand and three wishes.

We ask them (in relation to where they work) what 3 things they would wish for. Previously, the second most wished for thing was an ‘Improved learning culture’ – sighting examples of poor feedback, blame cultures, risk avoidance, lack of time for development, task and performance focused cultures.

The latest research results gave us some key themes to consider.





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