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Future Leaders of the Year 2022 spotlight: Chloe Nwankwo

Chloe 1 Ivy House
Chloe Nwakwo, UK

Chloe is currently a student at Canford School. Having experienced racism age 12, she is on a mission to create the UK’s first black teen magazine to provide black role models to black youth age 11+ (amongst many other ambitions!). She has an incredible story and is looking for a mentor who can support her with launching something of her own…

Why did you enter The Future Leaders Project?

To pitch my idea of creating the UK’s first BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) teens magazine, called MelaTeen, to provide BIPOC role models to the BIPOC youth and allies, aged 11+.

What did you get from it?

It allowed me to share my idea, connect with extraordinary people, and support fellow teens to the best of my ability.

Why is this learning important?

Winning the Ivy House competition has given me hope and a bigger vision for my mission, which is to empower the BIPOC youth by showcasing people that look like them as beautiful, build a strong community for BIPOC youth who are often misrepresented by mainstream media, and ensure that they are given a voice in society.

What’s next for you? What impact will this have on your community?

To empower the BIPOC youth and allies through the following:

1. Creating and publishing the first issue of MelaTeen magazine.

2. Growing my movement and hashtag on social media (#chloeswishmovement) that encourages people to both speak up and stand up to racism, whilst empowering them to follow in my footsteps, and share their own testimonies about the racism they have experienced in school. The goal is to eradicate racism in schools and people’s lives. I recorded a video with my mum, setting out mine and fellow black peers’ experiences of racism in school. The video shows the negative impacts of racism on both pupils and parents. Please subscribe, like, comment and share this video with anyone you think may benefit from watching.  

3. Creating my charity called chloeswishmovement, which will provide opportunity for ethnic minority children to have a private education, who are not able to afford it – but wish to. MelaTeen will serve to fund chloeswishmovement charity.

4. Establishing my beauty brand, called Chloe N Cosmetics, that allows people to fall in love with their God-given beauty. It will be a business made by the people for the people. I aim to launch my brand by Christmas 2022. A good proportion of the capital from Chloe N Cosmetics would also be channeled to fund the chloeswishmovement charity.

5. A live broadcasted TV Talk Show (with a twist) franchise, called TRUTHS, where invited guests would come on, talk about their “truths” and discuss how we can make a positive impact in society and make the world a better place.

6. Establishing my own film production company that showcases BIPOC actors’ talents and giving them the opportunity to excel in the acting industry.

7. A top-end (Michelin-star-worthy) African restaurant.

8. Own a BIPOC live production theatre franchise

9. Establish my clothing line, called Chloe N, that would empower individuals to embrace, love, and feel comfortable in their God-given bodies.

10. Have my own podcast that will discuss teen issues and also God’s word.

If you want to know more about the Future Leaders Project, or if you know anyone who can support Chloe please get in touch with  





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