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Future Leaders of the Year 2022 spotlight: Anne Eta

Anne Ivy House
Anne Eta, Nigeria

Anne is a high school senior in Nigeria who is currently focused on youth leadership in establishing community resilience. Here she tells us more about the skills and knowledge she learned from taking part in The Future Leaders Project.

Why did you enter The Future Leaders Project?

Ivy House is an organization that fosters leadership development, and The Future Leaders Project is a perfect opportunity to further my skills and talent development. Any opportunity to grow is an opportunity to win. I entered The Future Leaders Project knowing that regardless of the outcome, I would still learn, and to learn is to grow.  

What did you get from it?

I learned a ton about powerful pitches and how important representation is as a future leader while becoming more mindful of my energy and bridging the behaviour gap the right way to achieve my goals. The Future Leaders Project was a great way for me to connect with more young leaders like myself, allowing me to pursue and be exposed to more fruitful collaborations and relationships from a globally diverse group of peers and future world leaders.

Why is this learning important?

This learning is important to me because of the value of the skills and knowledge acquired. With built relationships, lessons, and experience, I am better equipped to make a difference in my world. The learning process helped me reflect more while identifying where I am now and where I want to be as a leader. Allowing me to take another step in the right direction as an innovative trailblazer.

What’s next for you?

As a high school senior on a journey to being a foremost leader and storyteller through speaking, art, and innovation, my next step is attaining one of the best education possible at the African Leadership Academy, ensuring that every decision I make works in line with my mission to change the world as an innovative trailblazer. 

Tell us more about the impact this will have on your community?

Positive change and growth are a very vital part of my leadership journey, but one thing that will never change is my eagerness to serve. The Future Leaders Project was very insightful and helped me rethink and redefine my path as a leader. I learned the lessons of having a clear vision, being intentional about my success, accountability, meaningful collaborations, and long-term dedication. Therefore, helping me to be the leader my community needs, pinpointing needs, and making the growth of the institutions I will be a part of my responsibility while taking up the role of a problem solver to tackle the issues I can identify.  

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