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What’s the right career for you?

Pretty crucial question, right? Also, for many of us, REALLY hard to answer. Here’s the thing though – it becomes a lot easier to answer if we accept a few crucial truths…

Firstly, finding our dream job is not something we can do by ticking a couple of boxes on a quiz and hey presto the answer comes out. It is a question that we actually have to engage in over a period of time. Some would argue, our whole lives, because often, our dream job in our 20s is very different to when we are 45.

Secondly, be patient. Discovering what you love doing may take some time. It is definitely going to take some trial and error, as well as the odd false start. See it as on on-going journey of discovery. A journey on which you are constantly gathering data, trying things and refining them to find that sweet spot in which work no longer feels like work. When you relax and accept it is a journey you are freeing yourself up to try things, lots of things, ask for lots of advice and often, dream bigger.

Finally I have a few questions I think you need to take on your journey with you – again getting the right answers to these questions may take time, so keep them front of mind and keep reviewing and refining.

  1. What are your strengths? What are you naturally good at? I’m not talking about subjects at school, I’m talking about real world talents like problem solving, organisation, inspiring others, creativity, deal making…
  2. What are you passionate about? Like really passionate about? What are the things you care about, the things you want to know more about and the things you want to get better at?
  3. What puts you in your element? This is the point at which your strengths and passions meet. When do you lose time by getting so absorbed in what you are doing?

We know this stuff isn’t easy.  In fact, choosing the right career for you is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. But taking the time to really thinking about it, to find where your strengths meet your passions, will ensure you set off on a path to extraordinary.

To get a little more help with finding your element, take a look at Elke’s book – Extraordinary: How to lead a bigger, braver, more meaningful life.





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