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Don’t you just love a good drama?

We’re not short of a crisis or two to satisfy our need for drama. You can get a quick fix from the latest celebrity scandal, the missed penalty, the disgraced politician. Or get a longer lasting hit from climate disaster, government corruption, the threat of terrorism, war.

The drama channel is so darn compelling. We can’t help it. We get sucked in, and once we’re in, we’re really in. We start thinking the drama, feeling the drama, craving the drama, living the drama.

There are horrendous things happening; there are huge challenges we’re facing. But, as long as we’re caught up in the drama, we won’t find the answers. If we’re serious about change, we need to choose a different channel. There are channels that inspire and empower, and it is there that we will find new ways forward. So, what will you be watching tomorrow?





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