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Bespoke leadership development

…Without the heavy price tag

Chances are, if you work with training providers, you have probably heard the word ‘bespoke’ being thrown around a lot. To dispel any mystery, we wanted to lay out what we mean by the word ‘bespoke’ – because we believe that incredible partnership should be built upon transparency. 

The truth is, for a programme to be 100% bespoke to one organisation, the cost of design and length of process would make it entirely inaccessible for most organisations. Not only that, but without an insanely hefty investment, it is unlikely the content would be deep enough, or cohesive enough, to create a truly transformational learning journey. 

We firmly believe that any programme worth its salt should deliver content that is backed by decades of research, has been tried and tested, and is consciously designed to ‘hang together’ as a cohesive learning experience. 

However, we also believe that our clients deserve a programme that a) looks and feels entirely ‘theirs’ and fits into their organisation seamlessly, b) is a cohesive learning journey with content that works together, and, c) delivers on the specific and unique outcomes that they are looking for.  

When you combine these elements, that is what we at Ivy House mean when we say bespoke. 

So how is this possible? 

A brilliant starting point: our content is world-class 

Firstly, every programme that we create is grounded in our expertise: creating behavioural change which results in long-lasting transformation for organisations. It is a winning formula (literally – we’ve won 23 awards in four years), that is based on decades of research and experience, and is delivered by some of the best performance coaches in the country. 

This means that every programme we design is based on our leadership expertise and experience of what works. From this solid foundation, we are then able to get creative in designing a programme that works to meet the unique needs of the client. 

What this means for our clients is that they are not spending a fortune on designing something completely from scratch, and more of their investment can go into tailoring the programme to work for them and their people. This is where the next step comes in; deeply immersing ourselves in your organisational needs, so we can design a programme that will truly speak to these. 

Our strong culture of learning means that our content also never has time to become dated. Quite the opposite in fact: our design team are constantly designing new modules in response to the changing business landscape, and refreshing our content to keep it relevant and current. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the context that leaders are working with, and you can read our most recent take on this in our Modern Leadership white paper.

The importance of a rigorous discovery process 

Central to our approach is a rigorous discovery process that ensures each programme is tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of our clients. We take the time to understand the client’s organisational culture, their pain points, their specific language, their internal structures and narratives, as well as their vision for the future. 

This deep dive forms the bedrock of our customisation process. From this, our design team will carefully select modules and embedding elements that address the specific needs that have been identified. This will ensure that the entire programme feels relevant, and the learning can be instantly applied to the real-life challenges your delegates are facing. 

Meeting your people where they are 

If you know Ivy House, you’ve probably realised that we like to go deep in order to create proper change. We know that this can sometimes seem frightening, especially for more traditional organisations. However, by understanding your culture inside and out, and immersing both our design and our delivery teams in it, we can design programs that will resonate deeply with your delegates. We can deliver the learning in a way that really works, that feels both safe and exciting, meeting them where they are and delivering meaningful results. 

Customising for that bespoke feel 

As well as creating a programme that speaks to your individual needs and outcomes, we want the programme to feel fully ‘yours’. That means it should fit perfectly alongside any existing training you offer, and the branding should feel right for you. 

One of our values as a company is remarkable quality, which means we take this stuff seriously. We put time and effort into making sure all of the details are just right – from the titles of each masterclass, to the colours used in your workbooks. We will also happily work with your other learning providers, in order to understand where your people are currently at in their development journey. All of this works to create something that you can be completely proud of – something that feels like ‘your’ programme. 

The perfect balance 

Our programmes are bespoke in that: the content and structure is collaboratively decided on to best speak to your organisational needs, they are delivered by coaches who have been immersed in your culture, and they look and feel like they truly belong at the heart of your organisation. 

We combine the best of customisation practice and affordability, which makes the learning both accessible and deeply effective. The result? A consultative approach to creating a programme that is steeped in knowledge and experience, but looks brand new. 

We’ll leave you in the hands of the people that really matter – our clients – who can share their experience of working with us and the impact our solutions have had on their business.


A bespoke leadership development and programme is custom-designed to meet the specific needs of an organisation and its leaders. It takes into account the company’s strategic objectives, the unique challenges it faces, and the individual characteristics of its leadership team to provide tailored learning experiences that drive meaningful change.

Bespoke leadership development is highly beneficial as it addresses the specific challenges and goals of an organisation. By focusing on relevant skills and scenarios, it ensures that leaders are fully aligned to the organisational outcomes, culture and vision. That way you don’t just get great leaders – you get the exact right leaders your organisation needs.

Push learning refers to a traditional instructional approach where information is “pushed” onto learners without immediate relevance to their current needs or active participation. It often involves standardised content delivery that may not engage the learner effectively or result in practical, lasting knowledge acquisition.





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