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Being simply brilliant

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“You’re only as good as your last deal”.

I still remember the team leader announcing this, 29 years ago when I was a front line sales advisor in a contact centre, as she attempted to somehow motivate us all to perform consistently well.

It’s always seemed a bit unfair and not at all reflective of someone’s true capability or achievements, yet it was widely accepted as a way of gauging high performance.

Fast forward to this age of social media and as consumers we are now able to see a history of performance and achievements of suppliers through referral sites such as Check a Trade, Trustpilot and Tripadvisor, an all together much more balanced overview of many experiences and examples of excellence to build true consumer confidence and understanding.  

Back in the world of learning however this hasn’t been available and we have long since relied on key account management, referrals, marketing campaigns, HR events and award dinner round tables to build our credibility and expand our organisations reach.

That is, however, until now!  

We were very excited to hear about an innovative new organisation called Simply Brilliance who have been set up with the sole intention of being the ‘go to’ place for customers to source the very best suppliers in the market to support their people development needs.

This was not just another portal for suppliers to tout their wares, in fact as a supplier you can’t automatically join this unique ‘club’ as it’s invitation only.

How do you get an invite?

Well there needs to be a selection of customers who have consistently nominated you as ‘simply brilliant’.  

You can imagine then how excited I was when Ivy House London was invited to be part of this new platform, an opportunity for us to be put forward to future potential clients when looking for the very best providers in their chosen fields, saving them from trawling through endless google searches or walking the stalls of the latest HR forum (not this year mind you!) trying to separate the sales spin from the credible experts.

So here we are! Proud to be part of the Simply Brilliance family, truly being recognised for not just ‘our last project’ but for multiple client projects, and committed to continuing to be brilliant in order to stay there! Here’s what Simply Brilliance said about us:

We love Ivy House because …

They have years of expertise developing leaders at the highest level of business. They are passionate about supporting the next generation, have reframed their expertise to offer that same quality development to those earlier in their career. For those we know who have experienced it, it has been life changing. In the L&D industry it is hard to find something unique but this is, and it is simply brilliant.

Simply Brilliant

Now that is all together much more motivational don’t you think?





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