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Are you intentional about what media you consume?

Are you intentional about what media you consume? The scary truth is, most people aren’t – and many don’t realise the huge effect it can have on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

We’ve come up with some questions to quickly determine the affects your media consumption is having on you. This will only take a couple of minutes, and could be incredibly enlightening as you why you feel/act the way you do!

Think about the things you consume on a regular basis (you might have more than one for each):

My most-watched TV show/film is…
My favourite podcast is…
The social media app I use most is…
A famous person I admire is…

Have a think for each:

  • Is this thing comforting, entertainment, or mental stimulation?
  • How much do I relate to this thing?
  • Do I resonate with it in positive and/or negative ways?
  • What behaviours/ideals does it promote?
  • How do I feel during and after consuming this thing?

At Ivy House, we teach Think -> Feel -> Behave. This essentially means that our thoughts create our feelings, which in turn drive our behaviours. We get thousands of thoughts each day and many of these will be impacted by the media we consume. This means that our feelings and behaviours are also impacted by what we consume, perhaps more than we realise.

We delve deeper into the power of thought with the skill of Conscious Mind, one of the skills that we believe is at the heart of successful leadership development – and therefore successful organisations.





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