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A Stella move

Like many industries, fashion is often seen as uber-exclusive, with a bar so high that there is rarely any point in applying. The result? Young people who are not from privileged, middle-class backgrounds will find it hard to envision themselves as capable of succeeding in such an industry.

Stella McCartney, one of the world’s leading fashion brands, has recently been inspired by events such as the BLM movement and death of George Floyd to adapt their approach to future talent acquisition, accelerating their broader DE&I agenda.

Their plan is to visit schools and engage wider, more diverse communities, in order to show students that the industry is open to everyone. Outreach programmes like this help to encourage young people, from any background, to apply for the roles, internships, or experiences, that previously felt out of their reach.

At Ivy House, we think this is incredibly important. In fact, we believe in encouraging young people to be the leaders of their own lives, in order to make that life extraordinary.

However, this doesn’t just happen. It is our responsibility as adults and workers to show them what is possible. We are on a mission to provide young people from all backgrounds with the opportunity to see a brighter future for themselves.

That is why we created the Future Leaders Project, which supports students in making conscious, informed choices through hundreds of free resources.

Teachers can access the free resources now, and we’d also love to hear from you if your company can get involved in supporting the Future Leaders Project.





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