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As the world’s largest mutual and financial institution, with over 16.3 million members and broadly regarded as number 1 for service against their banking peers, Nationwide have become a highly respected, trusted and loved brand that consistently stands up to their ‘Building Society Nationwide’ strapline.

Nationwide are widely recognised for their exceptional investment in people and commitment to talent development across their business. They have a well established learning offering, however the senior leadership team in Retail Distribution decided that something more was needed if they were to continue to build this great organisation in the best way for the future.

Additionally, with increasing evidence that future success would rely on a greater diversity of talent at senior levels, there was an urgency to plan now for the leadership teams of tomorrow. With the Senior Leadership Team recognising they were not representative of the people and teams they were leading and with inclusion and diversity a clear strategic priority, they recognised the need to invest in their under-represented groups – not only at a senior level but also early-in career, to build an inclusive talent pipeline for the future.

The team approached Ivy House to explore how we could develop their female and ethnically diverse talent, identifying that confidence, ownership, presence, mindset and beliefs were just a few of the key skills and behaviours that would require support within this particular group. Our solution included 2 programmes for 2 different levels in the organisation. The 6-month immersive Master Programme was selected to support under-represented groups within their mid-tier talent population, combining 4 intensive masterclasses with 1:1 executive coaching and an external senior level mentor to stretch and challenge the delegates across all of the Ivy House 7 Leadership skills.

For the earlier-in-career talent population we developed an 8-week programme with 4 x 0.5-day live workshops, supported with pre- and post-work and group coaching, working in partnership with the Nationwide learning team to balance needs and budget. Content here focused on self-leadership – areas such as values, beliefs, ownership and mindset. Delivered via a virtual classroom, this was accessible to a larger number of the team across the branch network, bringing them together in a way that had never been done before and building a tribe of changemakers within the business, eager to step forward and be trailblazers for others to follow.

The results have been outstanding with 95+ delegate NPS scores but more importantly significant changes in behaviour, output and performance. The SLT saw a marked improvement in personal confidence, leadership capabilities and drive, with delegates proactively pushing themselves to take more responsibility and stepping up as leaders within the organisation. The Ivy House graduates produced learning content and ran bite-size learning sessions to support talent across the business, became mentors for future cohorts and led keynotes and events alongside the SLT. As a consequence, across the delegate population there has been a significant improvement in talent retention, promotion rates and increased responsibility roles within 12 months of the programme. A particular highlight was one delegate winning the Nationwide ‘Growth Award’ at this years’ annual awards, a huge achievement.

The impact has been so significant across the business that a further programme will run this year to continue the strategy. The following quote from Garry Samson, Regional Director and Sponsor, sums up the partnership:

“Ivy House are experts at what they do, they truly know their audience and inspire and develop them in a way that I have not seen done before. More than that, as a partner they have been superb, supporting with everything from helping to select the right candidates to engaging our people beforehand, building the right solutions and creating a narrative that sticks for the long-term. Ivy House has truly impacted our people and our business.”


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