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The Members’ Club

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About The Members’ Club

Membership is free, but by application only.

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Member events

Bi-annual in-person events, at exclusive locations

Talking shops on the topics that are live for you now. An opportunity to learn from others’ experiences, challenges and successes whilst also sharing your own.

These are conversation-led, closed-room meetings held in central London on topics chosen by members.

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Member sessions Ivy House

Member sessions

Bitesize virtual case study events

These virtual sessions offer you an incredible opportunity to hear and learn from other members.

These feature case studies on an array of different topics – giving you a rare under-the-cover look at the real challenges your peers have faced, and how they’ve overcome them. They’re a chance to share new and fresh learning and allow you to get answers to the most pressing issues you’re grappling with. Real insight and practical advice from people who are leading the way.

Intimate retreats

Coaching retreats for your own personal learning

These retreats are just for you. They give you the time and space that we so rarely have to regroup. They are an opportunity to check in with yourself and explore a key topic that builds your self-knowledge to a level rarely achieved on any programme.

They offer members an incredible personal development experience – giving access to one the most experienced coaches in the UK. Elke is an award-winning coach, best-selling author and international speaker who has worked with senior leaders in over 50% of the FTSE 100.

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Private LI members group Ivy House

Private LinkedIn members group

Any-time access to a network of senior L&D professionals

This private group gives you access to an incredible network of senior HR/L&D professionals. It provides a space to ask questions, share expertise and build connctions – to accelerate your career and business.


Membership is free and includes all events, member sessions and dinners, and access to the LinkedIn members group. Our full-day retreats are chargeable. As retreat dates are released, we will share the focus and cost.

The Club is for senior HR and L&D professionals who love learning from others and sharing their experiences. Our application process focuses on just that — if you are keen to be part of a learning community, happy to contribute, and will make the time to attend events. The membership committee reviews every application to ensure members are a good fit and can offer something valuable to the community.

If you know someone who would love to join The Members Club, you can forward them this email with a link for more infomation and details of how to join. They can then apply for a place and will be notified when a space is available. There is a place for them to add your name – so we know you are recommending them.

Once you’re accepted into The Members’ Club, you can remain a member, provided you still meet the criteria for membership (you’re a senior HR or L&D professional who is an active member of The Club). We recognise that people often take breaks between roles, so your membership will stay live for 12 months while you determine your next move. We ask that you notify us of any moves so we can update your contact details.

Places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, provided you meet the criteria for membership (senior HR/L&D professionals who demonstrate a willingness to be an active participant of The Club).

We have only just launched The Members’ Club, but places are limited and we expect them to go quickly. Once we have accepted the initial 100 members, we will review the waiting list on a quarterly basis. We expect the waiting list for membership to be approximately 6-12 months.

Once a space becomes available, we will notify you by email (using the email address you used to register). Upon receipt of this email, you will have five days to accept your place before it is offered to the next person on the list. We regularly review our membership list to ensure members are active participants and free up space for new members ASAP.

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Complete the form below and we’ll let you know as soon as spaces are available.





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