Leadership development in 2021:

Developing the next generation
of leaders

How many great leaders do you know?

One, two? Elke Edwards, Founder of Ivy House has been asking that question for 20 years and no one has ever answered more than four; most people say one or none. Interesting, right?

Right now, we need exceptional leaders. Self-leaders who can navigate uncertainty, make decisions and be the best version of themselves. Human leaders who lead with compassion, empathy, build trust and change makers, who can lead our organisations forward. How then, do we create them?

It’s time to turn leadership development on its head.

On 22nd October, Elke Edwards, author of bestselling book ‘Extraordinary’, will be joined by Clare Mitchell, multi-award-winning leadership programme creator, for our virtual event. Together they will share with you the 3 critical factors that underpin developing extraordinary leaders – paying special attention to how this works in today’s world.

This even has now closed for registrations.

Turning traditional leadership development on its head

We’ve never known so much about what it takes to become an extraordinary leader. Why then are we taking our future leaders down the same path that’s given us the leadership crisis we have today?

The team at Ivy House know how to create leadership change. The team has won over 40 awards for our work in leadership and behavioural change but more importantly, we understand how to do it in a world that looks very different.

Join us if:

You are ready to create a culture of self-leadership throughout your organisation.

You know it needs a different approach and you want to know what that is.

You are determined to hold on to and develop your talent.

  • 86% of respondents to WEF Survey believe we’re are in the midst of a global leadership crisis
  • Only 13% of senior executives have confidence in the rising leaders in their firm
  • 56% of execs are forecasting leadership shortages
  • 82% of managers and executives are seen as lacking in leadership skills
  • HBR states the number one reason for talent leaving a job is a poor manager relationship


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