Keynote speaker:
Elke Edwards

Founder of Ivy House and leading performance coach, Elke Edwards is on a mission to change the way we develop our future leaders.

She believes that we are leaving it far too late to empower people to make the most of their lives, and that by providing a different kind of development at the right time, we can radically transform the next generation of leadership.

Elke’s background

Elke is a performance coach and leadership development expert whose insight and passion has made her a sought-after speaker within organisations and schools alike. For the last twenty years, she has worked with senior leaders and their teams across almost every sector, including organisations such as Virgin, Barclays, Centrica, Linklaters, RBS, the BBC, EE, BskyB and WaterAid. She has brought her unique approach to over 40% of the FTSE 100 and, over the last 10 years, her team won 43 awards for their work in leadership and behavioural change. In 2013 Blue Sky, the company she founded, sold to Capita. She is now determined to bring world-class learning to the next generations, giving them everything they need to change the world.

“Right now, rising through our schools and organisations, there is a wealth of talent, ideas and potential. People with big dreams, incredible drive, huge energy and a determination to find new and better ways of living. At the same time, our understanding of what it takes to lead an extraordinary life and become an extraordinary leader has never been greater. I believe it is time to put two and two together and give the next generation of leaders the knowledge and capability they need to build a better future – for all of us.”

“The impact of Elke’s words has been transformational in the way our girls have embraced challenges that have faced them.  They now feel confident to approach their day with a positivity, knowing that they are in control of their futures.” 

Helen Merry, Cranleigh School

“Elke’s message is about values-driven, purposeful leadership that derives from self-knowledge and an ability to create relationships built on trust. It’s a highly inspiring, hopeful vision of what leadership can be, but it’s more than that: it is a feet-on-the-ground perspective, rich with good sense and human understanding, spoken with passion and authority by someone who knows her subject.”

Jonnie Noakes, Eton College

“One clear piece of feedback I received was how inspiring Elke was as a speaker and so I asked her to deliver the key note talk at Canford’s Speech day 2018. She did not disappoint and her clarity of message, quality of delivery and passion for helping those young people sitting before her to find their path was powerfully evident.”

Ben Vessey, Canford School

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Some of Elke’s most
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Whether you’re an organisation looking for some disruptive away-day thought-leadership or a school hoping to inspire sixth formers, Elke will work closely with you to adapt her insights to your event.

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