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Creating real change – the kind of change that effects individuals, businesses, education and society – doesn’t happen by chance.

We’re bringing together thought leaders, curious minds and critical thinkers in a virtual space to discuss the hot topics that can change how we develop each new generation of leaders – leaders we need now and in the future.

If you’re already a changemaker – or are interested to explore what it means to be one – register for one of our events below.

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Session 4

How to retain your best talent

Holding on to the best talent is essential for future success, but do you really know what they want
and, if you do, are you providing it?

14th July | 10:00 – 11:00

An uncertain future requires a radical new approach to developing and retaining talent. And, to do that, you need understand what your talent want, the reality of what they experience in your organisation, and what matters to them. In this essential talk we’ll be sharing the feedback from our latest research, ‘What talent really want’, giving you the 5 critical factors that underpin an effective talent development strategy enabling you to hold onto your best people.

If you’re passionate about attracting, developing and retaining the brightest emerging talent, and turning them into your leaders of tomorrow, this event is for you.

Human leadership: How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be?

We’re recording a special edition of The Ivy House Sessions to take a deep dive into human leadership – something you’ll want to know all about if you want happier, resilient, engaged people – which equals a stronger business.

Available from September 2021

What does human leadership mean to you? Does it describe your leadership culture? If not, then this talk is for you. Every single piece of research is telling us that a more human, connected leadership style that embraces difference is what our organisations need to thrive in now, and in the future.

Getting there is, however, another question. In this session, Elke Edwards will a share pragmatic and effective model for human leadership and a clear path of how to get there. Essential listening for any L&D, HR or Talent Leader that is committed to developing leaders who are future fit.

Register your interest now and we’ll share the talk with you as soon as it’s ready – so you can watch it in your own time, and refer back to it again and again.

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What employers really want and how to equip students for the workplace

Hear from Bright Network and NatWest as we discussed what really matters to employers and how we can help young people succeed.

Secure your own mask first

Elke Edwards shared the 3 secrets of Proactive Wellbeing, asks why so many of us consistently fail at it and examines the overriding beliefs that keep us stuck both personally and culturally.

Leadership development in 2021: Developing the next generation of leaders

Watch the recording to learn the 3 critical factors that underpin developing extraordinary leaders – paying special attention to how this works in today’s world.

COVID as a Catalyst: Putting human development at the heart of education

Download the whitepaper for a summary of the research and insights from this event on the real opportunities to create meaningful change in our education system.

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