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Creating real change – the kind of change that effects individuals, businesses, education and society – doesn’t happen by chance.

We’re bringing together thought leaders, curious minds and critical thinkers in a virtual space to discuss the hot topics that can change how we develop each new generation of leaders – leaders we need now and in the future.

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Secure your own mask first

Are you and your people genuinely committed to being great leaders?
Learning the skill of Proactive Wellbeing is the only place to start. 

4th February | 16:30 – 17:15

2020 put every leader through their paces. 2021 will be the year that sees great leaders shine through. 

Last year we survived on adrenaline, sprinting through the months in crisis mode, but we can’t keep sprinting, we have to prepare for the marathon, and that means mastering the skill of wellbeing. But what does that really mean? 

In this direct and powerful talk, Elke Edwards shares the 3 secrets of Proactive Wellbeing, asks why so many of us consistently fail at it and examines the overriding beliefs that keep us stuck both personally and culturally. If you are ready for 2021 to feel different no matter what is going on around you, then take 45 mins out of your day to join us.  


24th March | 12:30 – 13:30

Tackling D&I at an emerging talent level

We need to shift from just focusing on identifying, measuring and proactivity recruiting, into building talent solutions for D&I populations to support succession planning and future leadership opportunities. In this panel event we’re bringing together experts from across a range of sectors, to look at improving D&I throughout organisations, from emerging talent through to SLTs, including: 

  • How to build an effective D&I talent solution 
  • Supporting D&I in succession planning 
  • The elephants in the room: hiring vs thriving, the glass ceiling 

6th May | 16:30 – 17:30

What employers really want and how to equip students for the workplace

If the purpose of education is to equip young people to thrive in work and in life, we have to give them the skills to do that. Why then isn’t there a greater connectivity between what employers are looking for and what we teach students?

In this essential and highly informative talk, a guest speaker from Bright Network will share the latest research on exactly what determines students success in a very challenging job market. It’s time to build a better thread of connectivity between schools and businesses – this session is a great place to start. 

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3 Secrets of proactive

4th February 16:30