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Effective graduate development:
Designing and delivering programmes
with impact

Wednesday 28th September | 12:30 – 13:30

Grad recruitment is on the increase.  But after 2 years of uncertainty, the needs of this population have fundamentally changed.

We’re not talking about broad generational learning differences – the stuff you can find about Gen Zs and how they like to learn – but the specifics of the Covid generation. This event digs into the things you might not have thought about; how the pandemic has affected how they show up, their individual needs and wants from organisations, and the unique skills they’ve learned to cope in the virtual work environment.

You’ll hear from our in-house experts about what does and doesn’t work, how to design and deliver a programme with impact, and a case study from an expert who has designed an award-winning programme that has engaged grads internationally, creating a tribe of skilled changemakers who feel valued and connected, despite having been onboarded and trained virtually. 

Even if you don’t have a huge grad scheme, if you’re hiring Gen Zs and looking to get the best from them in a multi-generational workforce, this event is for you.  

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