Introducing The Future Leaders Project

The Future Leaders Project provides the missing link between education and adult life. It brings together a collaboration of changemakers from education and business to support students aged 15-18 to flourish – in work and life.

It’s an opportunity for students to hear directly from employers, connect with some of the biggest brands in the world and help them in answering some big questions.

How it works

The Future Leaders Project comprises 2 elements; a free resource portal, containing lesson plans, activities, events, interviews and advice from leaders from a whole range of fields; and a competition that provides an incredible opportunity for showcase their leadership capabilities; to hear directly from employers, connect with some of the biggest brands in the world and help them in answering some big questions. Questions like: 

  • What should I do as a career?  
  • What do employers really want? 
  • How do I stand out from the crowd? 
  • What should I do with my life? 
  • I want to work for myself, what are my options? 
  • What is leadership? 
  • Am I a leader? 
  • How do I become the leader of my life? 

Plus, we’ve designed it to meet all 8 Gatsby benchmarks and a host of Ofsted requirements.

Essential partners

We couldn’t have created the project without the support of our remarkable sponsor, the NatWest Group. Helen Cook, Chief Human Resources Officer, said “At NatWest Group, our Purpose is to Champion Potential. It is an active call to action, about breaking down barriers to ensure everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can achieve their full potential. That’s why we are incredibly proud and excited to be joining forces with Ivy House on The Future Leaders Project. No barriers should exist to hold young people back from the lives they want to lead – this project brings together both leadership and life skills, with practical support, to guide students at a critical time in their lives and support them to make the right decisions about their future.”

And the support just keeps coming. PiXL, Eton X, Hello World, globalbridge and VotesforSchools have brought their passion for resourcing the next generation of leaders to the project. We are so grateful to be partnered with these pioneers from across business and education to create a space for young people to be seen, heard and developed.

Incredible speakers

The career journey of a magic circle lawyer will be very different to a freelance film editor that sets up their own business straight out of college. Something we really wanted to offer young people in this project was the opportunity to hear from a diverse range of leaders – activists, creatives, entrepreneurs, changemakers, problem solvers, business leaders and more – to help them understand what their options are so that they can make conscious, informed decisions about their future.

Speakers from Google, Nike, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix and Sky will share their knowledge alongside young influencers, teenage entrepreneurs and social change activists.

Elke Edwards, Founder of Ivy House, says “This is a truly exciting project. It brings together rea people, from all backgrounds, who have taken completely different paths – all of whom are passionate about supporting young people to make the right decisions for them. This is about inspiring the next generation, showing them that anything is possible and giving them the encouragement they need to step up and become the leaders of their lives.”

Want to get involved?

By Ivy House London
13th May 2021


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