Human leadership

A special edition Ivy House session

What does human leadership mean to you? Does it describe your leadership culture?

If not, then this talk is for you. Every single piece of research is telling us that a more human, connected leadership style that embraces difference is what our organisations need to thrive now, and in the future.

Getting there is, however, another question. In this engaging talk, Elke Edwards shares a pragmatic and effective model for human leadership and a clear path of how to get there. 

7 game-changing skills

Based on this foundation of self-mastery, our programmes focus on teaching seven transformational leadership and life skills.

Skills, that when mastered, make a game-changing difference to the kind of leader you become and the life you create. Having spent over 20 years working with senior leaders across every sector, we know that exceptional leaders learn first to lead their own lives and then learn to lead others.

It is for this reason that the first six life skills are an essential foundation for the seventh skill, namely Human Leadership.


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