How good are your conversations?

If we could fix one thing in businesses and relationships, it would be the quality of conversations. More than anything else, it is the quality of conversations that impacts how we feel, what we do and the results we get. Why then are we SO bad at them? There are 3 reasons:

We show up thinking we have to win.

We don’t. We are there to come up with the best solution together. And guess what – that may not be your solution.

We don’t truly listen

If we did, we would realise that there is a lot more information out there that we could consider, and it may change our mind.

We have no process.

Sometimes we pretend we do by having an agenda. But agendas aren’t a process, they are a list of things to discuss. Processes look at how we discuss things, how we ensure that all the best ideas are brought out and developed, and how we make decisions.

Do some reading on how to have an effective conversation and you will change EVERY relationship in your life.

By Elke Edwards, Ivy House
18th July 2018


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