Leadership development
for students and teachers

At Ivy House, we’re on a mission to put leadership and life skills at the heart of education.

Whether you’re looking to support your brightest students or your talented staff, our programmes will build extraordinary leaders who have the ability to change the world; the kind of leaders people actually want to follow and pioneers who are equipped to lead us all into a better future.

For students

Game-changing leadership and life skills for students

The Ivy House Award

The Ivy House Award brings life-changing personal and professional development to schools. Designed specifically for sixth formers at this critical stage of their life, The Award will give them the clarity and confidence they need to step up and lead in all aspects of life – ensuring they thrive in the classroom and beyond.

For teachers

Extraordinary professional and personal development

The Ivy House Programmes

Our award-winning leadership development programmes bring together a group of bright, driven future leaders from the education sector, corporate organisations and charities.

We provide you and your staff with access to the very best personal and professional development, delivered by the most senior leadership and life coaches in the country.

For school communities

Thought leadership in education

Resources, discussions and more

We’re here to drive personal, organisational and societal change by putting leadership and life skills at the heart of how we develop each new generation.

Download free resources from The Award, hear teachers’ thoughts on challenges and success in education and find out what student’s have to say on what’s important to them.

Elke Edwards of Ivy House London

“If we want a better world we need better leaders. This means transforming how we develop them. We need purpose-led, values-driven leaders who learn quickly and know how to create courageous and effective teams.”

Elke Edwards
Founder and creative director