Meet the Future Leaders of the Year 2022!

Future leaders of all kinds and from 71 countries across the world entered The Future Leaders of the Year Competition; creatives, problem solvers, scientists and musicians. People who led brilliant teams, projects or initiatives. Entrepreneurs with great ideas. People who led themselves out of difficult situations or overcame challenges. People who supported their family or local community. People who have done something they’re proud of and have big plans for the future.

On 19th January 2022, the top 50 ‘ones to watch’ competed in the final, showcasing their talents, achievements and dreams. They worked with some of the biggest brands, influencers and best coaches in the world, with the chance to win a host of life-changing prizes.

After an emotional and inspiring day, the judges had the tough decision of choosing just 10 Future Leaders of the Year. A massive congratulations to the winners – after hearing their pitches, we are in no doubt that they will change the world.

Look out for more information about The Future Leaders of the Year Competition 2023 later this year!

What we’re
looking for

Tell us your story

We’re on the hunt for 10 Future Leaders of the Year – students age 15-18 with a great story.

  • Have you done something you’re proud of?
  • Led a team to victory?
  • Launched a project, business or come up with a new idea?
  • Are you doing something cool in a particular subject?
  • Have you overcome challenges in your personal life?
  • Helped your siblings your family, your neighbour or your community?
  • Are you part of a project supporting people in your school?
  • Do you have big dreams, plans or ambitions for the future?

We want to hear how you’ve shown up to the leadership challenge so far.

What kind of leader are you?

You may not think of yourself as a leader but leaders come in all shapes and sizes.

Subject leaders – It doesn’t matter what subject; art, science, sport, technology, music – if you have a talent, are working on a cool project, have had a brilliant idea, or have achieved something you’re really proud of, we want to hear all about it.

Self-leaders – This is all about leading yourself. Have you tackled challenges during lockdown? Overcoming a personal crisis? Led yourself out of a challenging situation? Taught yourself a new skill or achieved a personal goal?

Leaders of others – Have you led a team? Are you part of a project supporting people in your community or school? Have you launched a business or new initiative? Have you stood up for something you believe in and made other people passionate about your cause?

Whatever type of leader you are, we want to hear how you’ve shown up to the leadership challenge so far.

How it works


Submit your story

by 26th November 2021

Submit a 2-minute video sharing your leadership story and answering the following questions…

  1. Tell us your story (this could be a
    time when you’ve led yourself or
  2. In the context of that story – what
    are you most proud of and why?
  3. If you were in that situation again,
    what might you do differently?
    What did you learn?

Be bold, get excited and show your passion – and if you need some inspiration check out our example pitches below.


The final

19th January 2022

The top 50 students will be selected as ‘ones to watch’ and invited to participate in the final.

This will run as a day-long virtual workshop, giving the top 50 students an incredible opportunity to be seen, heard and developed by some of biggest brands, influencers and coaches in the world. The day will be split into 3 parts:

  1. A leadership development workshop
  2. A Pitchfest event
  3. An awards ceremony where the top 10 will be crowned ‘The Future Leaders of the Year’.

The prizes

For everyone

There are prizes for every participant including a digital badge and certificate for your personal statement and CV.

The 10 winning students will gain access to ongoing investment, support and development to create their extraordinary lives, including:

  • 1k cash
  • Work experience
  • 1:1 mentor and career support
  • Ongoing learning content
  • Support from some of the most senior leadership coaches in the country
  • Access to an incredible network of young leaders from a range of organisations including Nike, Deloitte, Google and many more!

“We believe that our young people are going to be changemakers and it starts now with their leadership. The Future Leaders Project is such a great opportunity for young people to celebrate who they are, and who they want to be. We are excited to work with Ivy House to celebrate the amazing potential in a generation of young people.”

Rachel Johnson, CEO, PiXL

“We are thrilled to be supporting Ivy House with their Future Leaders Project. We are passionate about hearing what young people, the future leaders of tomorrow, have got to say on the issues of today.”

Penny Lamb, Director of Partnerships, VotesforSchools

Planning your

OK, so you’re thinking about recording your entry? These resources and example pitches are a great place to start.

Tell us your story

Want help getting started?

Pitching yourself can feel weird and uncomfortable, but when you follow a structure you can start to build up your story in a way that reflects who you are. Download a pitch model worksheet to help you plan what you want to say and how to say it.


Polishing your pitch

Want to perfect your pitch?

We’re ran a free event on 4th November on how to pitch yourself and stand out from the crowd. It’s the perfect preparation for your competition entry and will also teach you skills you can use in interviews, presentations and every day life.


Example pitch: Kofi’s story

Kofi has been the carer for his elderly grandparents for the last few years. Showing courage during difficult times, he learned a huge amount from the experience and used his musical talents to support his nan.

Example pitch: Lil’Li’s story

Lil’Li had big dreams from the age of 10 and despite being told she couldn’t make a success of them, she has now founded a movement called ‘I EXIST’. She’s overcome huge challenges, learnt a lot about leadership and is now making a real difference in art education.

Example pitch: Sonia’s story

Having realised she wasn’t living in the way she wanted to, Sonia took proactive action to improve herself and have a more positive influence on those around her. Over the last few years she’s focused on getting to know herself, doing more of what makes her happy – and people have seen a real difference.

How to enter

Enteries for the Future Leaders Competition is now closed.

You will have another chance to be crowned a Future Leader of the Year in 2023, but below is a guide on the process you will follow to apply:

Step 1 You will be asked to complete a short profile on the Hello World app
Step 2 You will then will be asked to submit a 2-minute video about your leadership story

Step 1

Download the app

Start the process by downloading the Hello World app. You’ll find it in the Google Play or iOS App Store. Search for ‘Hello World’ or hit the buttons below.

Then you’ll just need to set up a profile and introduce yourself. You will be asked a series of questions to help us get to know you.

Step 2

Submit your video

Once Step 1 is complete, search for ‘The Future Leaders Competition’ to fill out the entry form and submit your 2-minute video.

You can film this in any way you want – on a phone, tablet or laptop, and be as creative as you’d like!

Don’t worry, full guidance will be provided when you get there.


What age is the competition for?
We’re looking for future leaders aged between 15 and 18 years old. Any submissions from people outside of this age range will be enjoyed, but sadly won’t be considered for the competition.
Do I have to record in one take?
Not at all! Although you will only be able to submit one video, feel free to take breaks and edit together your takes into the final submission. We know it can feel awkward talking to camera for 2 minutes, so record it in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
Can my video feature other people?
It certainly can, although bear in mind that we want to hear your leadership story in your own words. Consider any guest appearances as icing on the cake.
Can my video be more or less than 2 minutes?
A few seconds shorter or longer won’t make a huge difference, but we recommend recording your submission as close to 2 minutes as possible to do your story justice and keep it engaging.
How do the prizes work?
We have the perfect article that explains the prizes here.
Assessment criteria & judging
There are four core qualities that every leader has:

Passion – ability to tell a great story and inspire others
100% ownership – accountability, decision making and finding solutions
Courageous learner – self-awareness and learning from every experience
Core strength – clarity of vision and aligning to a purpose

We will be looking for these qualities to shine through in your video submission.
What if I can’t make the final date?
As soon as you enter we recommend circling the 19th January in your dairy (in a bold coloured pen) and let your teachers and parents know. When the happy news comes that you have been selected as one of the 50 ones to watch, you’ll be primed and ready. The final will be held virtually so there is no need to worry about travel arrangements. If you are selected but are unable to make the final, please let us know as soon as possible. We are aware that the final will run during a school day, so you will need permission from both your parents/guardians and school to join the virtual final. You are absolutely welcome to dial in to this from anywhere (school or home), so if you are selected as a top 50 finalist, pleased speak to your parent/s guardian and school to discuss how this might work.
How will the virtual final run?
The final will run as a day-long virtual workshop on 19th January from 10:00-15:00 GMT. It will be run over Zoom, which will mean you can dial in from anywhere. The timings for the day are as follows:

10:00 – 10:15: Introduction
10:15 – 10:50: Workshop
10:50 – 11:05: Break
11:05 – 12:00: Workshop
12:00 – 12:30: Lunch
12:30 – 13:40: Workshop
13:40 – 14:00: Break
14:00 – 15:00: Winners announced and pitchfest

The day is about developing some of your leadership skills, giving you opportunity to grow, respond to feedback, and stand out. The day will run in 3 parts: 1. A leadership development workshop. 2. A pitchfest event. 3. An awards ceremony where the top 10 will be crowned ‘The Future Leaders of the Year’.

Throughout the day you’ll be supported by an incredible teams of coaches, leaders and a panel of judges, who will pick the top 10 winners. If you are successful in getting through to the final, we will be in touch by email with further details and timings.
What are the key dates?
– 19th October 2021 – midnight on 26th November 2021: Competition open for entries
– WB 29th November 2021: Judging week
– WB 6th December 2021: Top 50 finalists announced
– 19th January 2022: Competition final & top 10 winners crowned
I am not based in the UK, can I still enter?
Yes! We’re welcoming applications from students around the world, however please be aware that submissions must be made in English, the final will be run in English (with no provisions for translation) and will run from 10:00-15:00 GMT (so you will need to be available to join at this time). We appreciate for some students, this might be challenging. It’s our hope that at some point in the future we will be able to make this more accessible to international students.
How will I know if I’m through to the final?
You will receive an email during the week of 6th December to notify you as to whether or not you are through to the virtual final on 19th January 2022 or not. Please keep an eye on your emails (using the email you registered with). It’s also worth following us on Twitter (IvyHouseLon), Instagram (Ivy House World) and LinkedIn (Ivy House London) for updates. Please note we will also email your parent/guardian/school, using the contact details you provided, to notify them as to whether or not your application has been successful.
Do you cater for special needs at the final?
If you have any special needs, please contact us at before the final so we can discuss how to make your experience the best it can be.
Do I need to prepare anything before the final?
If you are selected as one of the top 50 finalist, we will ask you and your parent/guardian to sign and return your consent forms by 17th December in order to attend the final. After that, you are free to focus on getting excited for the big day!
Is there anything I need to know about dialling in to the final?
We recommend finding a quiet space where you will not be interrupted – we find that headphones is the best way to hear and be heard clearly. Make sure you dial in from a laptop or tablet to get the best experience, and be prepared for your camera to be on as you will be working with coaches and in groups throughout the day.

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