Free resources and support

In these unprecedented times of school closures, social distancing and the challenge of keeping ourselves inside, there’s never been a more pressing need for school communities to get help and support to keep education going.

What we are sharing is our contribution. You will find here a selection of the content that is included within The Ivy House Award, an online platform for schools that develops leadership and life skills – skills that your communities can use freely over the weeks and months to come. We truly hope it will make a difference to you, your staff and students right now.

Here, you’ll find videos, audio clips and downloadable resources for everyone to listen, watch or read in their own time or run as a group session.

My ownership

100% ownership is about taking complete responsibility for your life and how it turns out.

My behaviour

Choosing how we think and behave, in response to every event, is the ultimate power of being human.

My thinking

The thoughts we hang out with determine the feelings we have. The way you think about a situation makes you feel that way.

My wellness

Remember – you were born with innate wellness. It is your natural state. Your opportunity is to return to that natural state.

More about
The Award

If we believe the purpose of education is to prepare pupils to thrive now and in the future, then we have to develop skills that will enable them to do that – skills that allow them to become extraordinary leaders and lead extraordinary lives.

Developing ownership, initiative, resilience, confidence and self-leadership, The Award bridges the gap between education and work, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to thrive, whatever their chosen path.

The Award delivers the very best personal learning with the flexibility of an online platform. It is made up of over 40 core videos, combined with a series of quizzes, psychometric tools, bespoke exercises and discussion topics.