How do you feel when others disapprove?

You make a decision and you know others disagree. You worry, and become concerned they judge you because of your decision. In fact, it occupies a lot of your thinking time. You veer between being angry at their ‘assumed judgement’ and trying to work out how to get them around to your way of thinking. And, if you can’t do that, at the very last resort you want to get them to respect your decision.

How much time in your head does all that take? How do those thoughts make you feel?

The only judgement that should occupy us is ours. True freedom comes when we make decisions based on our values system and accept that others may have made a different decision. We ACCEPT that people think and behave differently and we move on.

Spend your time making decisions that support your value system, and then just be you.

By Elke Edwards, Ivy House
22nd April 2018


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