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Want to lead a bigger, braver, more meaningful life?

We are at a turning point in history. Our old ideas of a successful life or career no longer fit. Pursuing money at all costs, working all hours, never admitting vulnerability or being our authentic selves has led to a global leadership crisis and record levels of anxiety and depression. We want careers we love, relationships that work and lives that are right for us. It’s time for a different path.

In this game-changing book, top leadership coach Elke Edwards draws on decades of experience to share the 7 transformative skills that enable anyone to build a life that feels as good as it looks.

Because whether you’re a school leaver or a CEO, 15 or 55, you can live an extraordinary life and become an extraordinary leader.

Are you ready to find your extraordinary?

Book contents

The truth is we know there’s a difference between living a life where things look good on the outside, and one where we feel incredible on the inside. We want careers we love, relationships that work and lives that are right for us. It is time for a different path.

After a series of events led Elke to search in vain for a book that would help her find her extraordinary life, she decided to write it herself.

Learn about Core Strength – how to find your purpose, your vision, your element and your strengths so you can show up and lead as your best authentic self.

Elke shares one of the most important equations of all time to help you take 100% ownership for your life.

Discover the three things you need to know about how to develop the skill of Conscious Mind and how to create a healthy thought environment.

Learn what it is to be a courageous learner and reflect on an important question: Are you above the line, or below the line?

When it comes to leading an extraordinary life, relationships are essential. Find out how to get intentional about your relationships.

When we’re proactive about our wellbeing, we create the right circumstances so that our mind, body and soul can recharge.

Dive into the what and the how of becoming a human leader, and learn how all 6 previous skills combine to enable you to do this.

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About the author

Elke Edwards

Elke Edwards

Founder of Ivy House, speaker, writer, performance coach

Elke Edwards is the Founder of the pioneering leadership development company, Ivy House.

Prior to this, Elke founded and ran the multi-award-winning executive development company Blue Sky, working with 50% of FTSE 100 leaders including Virgin, BBC, Barclays, Sky and NatWest.

She is a speaker, writer and performance coach, specialising in transformational leadership and life skills.





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