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Measurement ROI Ivy House

Ensuring programmes deliver the results you need

You want a leadership development solution that delivers change in all the areas you want, whilst being able to demonstrate business impact. 

So, how can you be sure it will work?

At Ivy House, the proof is in the numbers. We’ve won 20 awards in the last three years, including ‘best leadership development company’ and ‘best leadership programme’. We have an industry-leading NPS (+87), performance scores, and have achieved extraordinary results for our clients. Clients come to us because they want better leaders who can deliver organisation-wide impact. They want a programme that will improve performance and impact their bottom line. That’s our bread and butter

Measuring success

Our approach to measurement looks at reaction, learning, impact and results. With every client we work with, we clarify their aims and objectives and work in partnership to create a measurement framework upfront, to report on the specific data they need, in a format that works for them.

Results matter to us as much as they do for you. That’s why we’ve been collecting impact results since day one. Below is a flavour of some of the results we’ve achieved for our clients.

casestudy Aviva 1920x800 1 Ivy House

Talent engagement +9%
Motivation, advocacy & pride +12%
Colleague voice +10%
25% promotion rate within 3 months

“When looking for a partner to deliver our in-house leadership development programme, I wanted the best in the market. Quite honestly Ivy House blew everyone else out of the water. Of all the programmes we ran, this had the biggest impact in terms of promotions and results. The Ivy House programme is now by far the most successful and over-subscribed programme we run – and my proudest legacy.”

Bernadette Bruton, Global Talent Director

casestudy Nationwide 1920x800 1 Ivy House

67% promotion rate within 12 months

“Ivy House are absolute experts at what they do. They truly know their audience and inspire and develop them in a way that I have not seen done before. More than that, as a partner they have been superb, supporting with everything from helping to select the right candidates to engaging our people beforehand, building the right solutions and creating a narrative that sticks for the long term. Ivy House has truly impacted both our people and our business.”

Garry Samson, Regional Director

casestudy GoCardless 1920x800 1 Ivy House

100% promotion rate within 6 months

“I love working with Ivy House, their programmes are superior both in terms of quality of delivery and impact to the business. Having put a cohort of high-potential females through the leadership programme, every single individual has gone on to assume more senior positions with wider scopes of responsibility. It’s safe to say, we now have some incredible female leaders who are driving our business forward in their own authentic way – and that is due to Ivy House. ”

Eleanor Bird, Head of Talent

casestudy Selfridges 1920x800 1 Ivy House

30% promotion rate within 6 months
Programme NPS +92

“The team are knowledgeable, deliver an exceptional service and the feedback from our participants has been glowing, with colleagues raving about how the programme enabled them to learn about themselves on a deeper level and identify their path to becoming exceptional leaders. A number of participants have gone on to bigger roles and the feedback from their managers was that they saw a marked improvement in their leadership qualities.”

Vanessa Broe, Group Senior People Manager

Keen to find out more? Read our full case studies.

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Thematic reporting

There’s a final, critical piece of data that any programme we design also provides: thematic reporting.

This gives you an incredible ‘under the cover’ insight into your talent; the key themes that come up throughout the programme, what’s going on for them, the specific challenges they’re facing, their frustrations, where their energy is going and where they might need more development. This is all about closing the loop – giving you valuable insight into how you can support and keep the talent in your business. 

Need support working out your ROI metrics?

We can support you in shaping the key metrics for your programme – what you and your key stakeholders want to measure and how. We can explore measures for success, baselining results, measurement logistics, frequency of measurement and owners.





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