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It’s time for different

How many extraordinary leaders do you know? Why so few?

Because traditional leadership development misses the critical foundational skills that enable us to become extraordinary leaders; it’s delivered in a way that doesn’t work, and far too late.

Ivy House programmes couldn’t be more different:

We start with game-changing skills. Skills that connect us with who we are – the kind of leader we were born to be, the courage and ownership to make it happen and the human skills that make all the difference.

Our delivery creates change. It’s personal, deep, and immersive. We use multi-dimensional learning and the best coaches in the country. We create our programmes in a way that enables learning, ownership, and change. And we never stop learning and innovating, to bring you cutting-edge, future-focused solutions.

We start sooner. We bring learning previously reserved for your executive teams, to people throughout your organisation – at a time when it has the biggest impact.

This is leadership development at its best.

Who is leadership development for?

We support talent throughout organisations to create a critical backbone of skills and a golden thread of connectivity that sits at the heart of a successful organisation’s leadership culture.

Exec and senior leadership teams Ivy House

Exec and senior leadership teams

Create a solution from a suite of options, including 1:1 exec coaching, team effectiveness, team coaching, and bespoke leadership development.

Established and emerging talent Ivy House

Established and emerging talent

We give your emerging and established talent the deep self-knowledge and critical skills to take their leadership capabilities to the next level.

Early in career talent Ivy House


The needs of today’s graduates, apprentices and school leavers are very specific. We know how to give this generation the human leadership skills to thrive.

Underrepresented groups Ivy House

Underrepresented groups

Learning delivered by coaches with deep expertise in supporting specific underrepresented populations, including Women in Leadership and ethnic minorities.

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Women in leadership

We’ve seen women in leadership programmes work brilliantly… and not. The truth is, when deployed in isolation, it can be just another gender tax – communicating to women that it is their responsibility to correct the company’s gender imbalance in leadership – which is simply not true.

We take a different approach.

Types of leadership development programmes

Corporate programmes bespoke leadership solutions Ivy House

1. Bespoke leadership solutions

Lots of people talk about partnerships but we really mean it. Bringing together our expertise with your organisational knowledge, together we will design a solution that is truly transformational – for your people and your organisation. One that is perfectly aligned with your needs, objectives and values. That uses your language, key messages and truly feels like yours – bringing the best development in the world to your leaders, in a way that works for you.

Our in-house programmes can be delivered virtually, blended or face-to-face and across time zones. We draw from a range of delivery and support mechanisms that together create solutions aligned to your needs and ways of working.

Corporate programmes leadership training courses Ivy House

2. Leadership training courses

The Ivy House Academy has two award-winning programmes your talent can join:

Our flagship programme, The Master Programme is the ultimate solution for emerging talent. Run over a 6-month period, it brings the very best personal and professional development to your future leaders in a way that delivers deep-seated change.

The Fundamentals is a 100% virtual programme, bringing game-changing leadership development to every part of your organisation. Created in a way that means it is affordable at scale, flexible and incredibly effective, it provides access to the very best learning, delivered by the most senior leadership and life coaches in the country.

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Are your leaders equipped to lead?

This is not a psychometric tool; this is an initial guide to help identify areas where your leaders could have additional support. In less than a minute, this assessment can hold a mirror up to your organisation and identify areas of potential for your leaders to achieve your business goals.

It’s fast, free and provides an insight into where to focus your efforts.

The result

  • Driven self-leaders who take ownership for themselves and their impact
  • Better prepared leaders leading more effective teams
  • Deeply skilled leaders who create and maintain high-performance cultures
  • Improved resilience and wellbeing
  • Increased talent engagement and retention
  • Increased diversity in your leadership pipeline
  • Improved succession planning and promotion rates

What the stats say…


Leaders developed


NPS score


promoted within 12 months


taken on a new role with increased responsibility

What are the critical leadership skills?


All of our programmes are designed around the game-changing leadership skills that we know make a difference to the kind of leaders people become, and the lives they lead. And, they are built on the foundation of the three critical building blocks of behavioural change: self-knowledge, self-empowerment, and self-leadership.

It’s why our programmes get the extraordinary results they do.

Here’s a flavour of what they cover…

Behavioural change Header Ivy House

What is behavioural change?

If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to create change. Change in individual performance, to drive organisational performance.
The problem is most programmes won’t create the change you are looking for.

Here’s why.

Because most programmes are built to simply develop a set of skills that ‘good’ leaders are deemed to need… which doesn’t fundamentally change behaviour. And that’s the bottom line, right? If you’re going to create real, deep-seated change, you need to know how to do exactly that.

The good news? That’s our expertise.

We are experts in leadership development and behavioural change. Our approach is truly unique and our results exceptional. Our programmes create transformational, long-term change in individuals, behaviour, performance and culture.

Why are our leadership development
programmes different?

We’re experts in leadership and talent development. It’s all we do, we think about nothing else – which means you get the best programmes on the market.

We support people at all levels and experiences, from the most senior executives to those at the start of their careers — because we believe this game-changing learning should be available to everyone.​

We make learning matter to individuals, so that change becomes possible for organisations. We take people on a deeply personal journey, laying the foundations for behavioural change — helping them understand who they are and how to operate from core strength. Then, we build the critical skills that enable them, and your organisation to thrive. We ensure your people have the mindset and skills for personal change — the only way you will achieve organisational change. ​

We root the learning in your reality. We design programmes tailored to your organisation’s needs and the external context in which your leaders operate. They look and feel like yours. They’re fully integrated into your business. We bring our decades of knowledge and experience — so you don’t just get great leaders; you get the exact leaders your organisation needs.​

We’ve assembled an incredible team, including leadership and behavioural change experts, award-winning programme designers and some of the most experienced leadership and performance coaches in the country. Simply put, they’re the best in the world.

We understand this is an important decision. We walk you through our recommendations and the elements that make our programmes work. This approach has given us a market-leading NPS and industry-leading results. Because that’s the most important thing, right?


Find answers to some of your leadership development questions here. Want to know more? Our team love a chat, get in touch below.

At Ivy House, we champion large group learning with cohorts of up to 48 participants. This ensures a high energy is maintained in the room or virtual platform, and it creates opportunities for radical challenge and radical growth. This does not however take away from the personalised journey; through smaller ‘home groups’ of six and 1:1 coaching we create a varied and dynamic learning experience.

To achieve behavioural change, here are 5 key principles that all leadership development programmes should follow:

  • People have to want to change, which means good engagement and communication is key
  • The content must tell a story that resonates strongly with the delegates
  • The programme has to be personal in order for leaders to choose into the learning
  • The quality of the coaches and facilitators must be exceptional to create an immersive experience
  • The learning should be integrated into the organisation’s context, making it easily and instantly applicable

Ivy House is dedicated to fostering deep behavioural change for lasting organisational impact. We partner with our clients over extended periods, crafting programmes that drive genuine, long-term transformation. Consequently, we do not offer stand-alone workshops, (unless your delegates have already undergone a more complete programme) as our commitment is towards facilitating enduring change.

Leadership isn’t about tips and techniques. Our programmes are built around a set of transformational leadership skills that underpin effective individuals and teams, that accelerate performance – and provide the critical backbone that sits at the heart of a successful organisation’s leadership culture.

Our programmes are designed with a coach to delegate ratio of 1:12, ensuring personalised attention. For larger groups, this will include a lead and support facilitator alongside additional performances coaches to observe and meet delegates’ needs in real-time, creating a fully supportive environment.

Human leadership is the practice of leading oneself and others in a way that empowers everyone to reach their full potential. Human leaders create environments where everyone feels they belong, individual beliefs and perspectives are encouraged and celebrated, and innovation thrives. Extraordinary leadership doesn’t happen by chance; we need to turn leadership development in its head.

Our programmes are inherently personal, as we start by developing deep self-knowledge in our delegates. We then empower them with the skills they need to succeed. Through this approach, delegates will gain an understanding of the unique type of leader that they were born to be, and will start showing up in their full power.

Personalisation can be further enriched through options like opt-in modules, 1:1 coaching, and tailored learning paths. However, for a truly personalised learning experience, the most important factor is that the programme puts people at its core, rather than theory.

Self-leadership and self-knowledge sit at the core of all the programmes that we design. This is what forms the foundation for behavioural change, and we wouldn’t design a solution without it. It is how we get the incredible results that we do. That being said, the format in which we deliver this learning can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our chosen platform for virtual training is Adobe Connect, selected after extensive research and trials for its reliability and excellence in virtual delivery. It stands out for its multimedia capabilities, customisation options, and interactive features, consistently earning positive feedback from participants.

Many businesses want to create change. Change in individual performance, to drive organisational performance. Most programmes are built to simply develop a set of skills that ‘good’ leaders are deemed to need… which doesn’t fundamentally change behaviour. If you’re going to create real, deep-seated change, you need to know how to do exactly that. The good news? That’s our expertise.

We work with all levels of seniority, from graduates and early-in-career talent, through to the top executives and senior leadership teams. Ivy House was founded on the belief that there are a number of skills that, when learnt, will make a fundamental difference to the way that your life and career turns out – whether you are 16 or 60. And we are on a mission to bring this learning to everyone who could benefit from it.

Right now, there are talent throughout organisations who have the potential to be extraordinary leaders. The question is, how many of them will realise this potential? Talent development programmes from Ivy House create a different kind of leader. Purpose-driven, values-led leaders who are collaborative, adaptable and curious. Leaders who people actually want to follow and can lead our organisations into a better future.

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